Edible Insects Found In China N India

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People all over the world are game to eat anything which is weird and fascinating too. There are different types of insects from around the world which is considered to be great delicacies. From China to India, there are more than a million villages in these countries which are considered insects to be the most palatable food.

These insects which are edible are proven to be the best dishes in the world when marinated with Indian spices and sauces. Here are some of the insects which are mostly eaten and enjoyed in China and India.

If you ever visit India or China, make sure to taste at least one of these insect dishes. Take a look at some of the edible insects which is common in China and India.

Edible Insects Found In China N India


The Cicada is one of the most interesting and weird foods you would find in China. This weird edible insects taste like boiled potato. It is boiled or fried like shrimps.

Wasp Larvae

If you want to chew on something which is crunchy and sweet, wasp larvae should be on your top list. The taste of wasp larvae is sweet as you need to cook it well along with sugar and soy sauce. The taste of wasp larvae is one of a kind.

Crispy scorpions

The taste of something crispy and crunchy in your mouth as you bite into the flesh of a scorpion is something you should try out. Scorpion is an edible insect which tastes like crab meat. It should be deep fried in hot oil.


Red ants is a yet another edible insects treat you should try out when you visit China or India. You can indulge in a treat of red ants in crispy fresh salads. The taste of red ants has a lemony twist to it.


If you love the taste of cinnamon, you would love the taste of stinkbugs. It does not really stink though, since it has a wonderful smell and taste to it. The stinkbugs are to be fried with red chillies and soy sauce.

These are some of the weird edible insects you should try out when you visit these countries. These edible insects are lovely to taste and you will not stop at just one piece.

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Story first published: Friday, October 18, 2013, 23:53 [IST]
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