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Things I Say When I Am Mad

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When you are angry, there are many things that come out of your mouth. They are unintentional and are not meant to hurt anyone. But, when anger takes its toll on you, you are not under the control of your emotions.

People use different ways to vent their anger. When you are mad, you do many things. While few throw items that they see near them, a majority of them say 'beep' words to vent their anger. Lets check out few things that you say when you are mad at someone!

Things I Say When I Am Mad

7 things you say when you are angry:

What the f***: This has become one of the most common things that people say out of anger. It is not serious and mostly taken lightly. It comes out automatically when you make a blunder or when someone points at you when you are not at fault. Many people vent anger at others by just saying, WTF!

Get lost you ***.....: It is a little serious thing or rather slang that people use when they are mad at someone. While few just say get lost and keep it simple, these days majority of people have started adding slang to this word.

How dare you?: This comes out from your mouth when someone talks rubbish without knowing the facts. If someone blames you, you simply say, "How dare you say this" or "How dare you do this to me?"

Sh**: When you make a mistake, you say this word instantly after realising your fault. These days, when you are angry, you simply say, S***! It is a mild slang that doesn't hurt anyone easily. May be because people have got used to saying and hearing this when they are angry.

Go Away/Get lost: One of the simplest ways to get rid of your anger is to say, "Get lost!" You simply mean to say that you don't care about the person or do not desire to carry forward the argument or fight. Sometimes, people add few 'F' words at the end to vent their anger aggressively.

Don't show me your face again: If your partner is breaking up with you or your friend has cheated on you for some reason, you simply say, "Don't show me your face ever again". It comes out when two emotions- sadness and anger blend together. You say this out of frustration.

Shut The F*** Up (STFU): When you are mad, you normally tend to use the F word time and again. F word had become a trend these days. From young teens to adults, everyone has started taking the F slang lightly.

F*** yourself: When you are pissed, you simply say F*** yourself. It can be verbal, written or through gestures like pointing the middle finger.

These are few things that you say when you are mad. Which one do you use the most?

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