Are Social Media Sites Making You Insane?

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Social Media Sites
Have you started knowing your friends by their 'status messages' and their faces by their 'profile pictures'? Then you are a victim what is increasing becoming a 'social network mania'. Social media sites have become a parallel reality in our lives slowly but steadily displacing the actual reality from it's place. This is because we have started believing that what happens of social media sites is 'the' reality. Divorce causes have gone from cheating to cheating on Facebook and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are some of the dangers of social networking that you are facing but not thing about.

How Social Media Sites Are Driving You Mad?

1. Now a days 14 something teenagers 'hang out' on these sites. We don't have to go out to meet our friends, they are all their on social networks and all I have to do is check out their profile page; it is a whole new virtual world for kids to explore. The fact that we have started believing a profile page can reflect a person's life is totally insane.

2. Have you noticed lately that nobody forgets your birthday these days; even people who have no reason wish you will? It is because social media sites have made your life a public playground where everything is visible. There are people who have actually removed their birth dates from their account information to avoid replying to hundreds of unnecessary birthday wishes.

3. Photo mania is another invading danger of social networking. I recently saw a guy clicking the pictures of his friend who had just been in an road accident. His status that night would probably read 'With Mukesh in an accident'. Are we becoming that foolishly insensitive to ourselves?

4. Social networks now fall under leading causes of divorce. Spouses have a fight and then write a suggestive remark as their status; their partner takes it as jibe and fight between a couple becomes public with the supporting comments respective 'friends'. In the end, it might lead to more than one divorces!

5. This terrible urge to share everything is a danger of social networking that is getting under our skin. Soon we will be Tweeting 'I am in the bathroom and I just started to shit!' If 'Angelina Jolie's Right Leg' can be a twitter account name then almost anything is possible.

6. 'App' as the applications on social networks are called spread like virus but this virus has infected our brains instead of our computers. Imagine the valuable time you spend in a day tending to your virtual farm or shooting angry birds! It is really insane that apps should be a time management problem.

Anybody who tells you not make use of available technology is cheating you. So you must use technology but this obsession with social media sites is going to drive us all crazy.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 18:00 [IST]
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