Is Money God?

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Money Is God
Is money God? Well the answer is quite simple. May be money isn't God but it can definitely give you everything that you desire from God. Every one needs money and no matter how much one has, one still wants more. Lets face to reality and not dwell in philosophy. Every one is in need of money irrespective of one's stature or age. We remember God when we are in trouble. Money affects everyone no matter how close they are to you or how much you love them. Lets see what makes money more powerful than love sometimes.

Wife or Girlfriend- Love is not enough. If it was why would someone want to marry within or above one's stature? Then one would never have any problem in getting engaged with people who are much below their living standards. If your wife wants money for future security then I guess there is nothing abnormal about it. Well the truth is that everyone is in need of money and security for their lives. So you should not judge them for it. Moreover everyone must make sure that they secure their future.

Friendship is supposed to be something that is completely unselfish and unbiased. But how many true friends do you really come across in life? When you start paying off the billsf your friends you will gain all the more importance in your friend circle. And at the same time if you fail to pay your share of money even for a day then you are looked down upon. There is a virtual competition among friends as to who carries the better commodities. Money is God for your friends and your friendship may not be as important to them. Even friends will desert you if you happen to have a misfortune.

Family- Well the connection between your family and money isn't that tough. That is because parents are the only ones who love you unconditionally. Money isn't God for them and rather your happiness is. But sometimes even this pure bond of love gets tainted due to the property conflicts between siblings. This ugly situation arises as each one is in need of money which is much more important than their relationship.

Though money cannot give you everything it can definitely alleviate your social status. A man with money becomes God as he can virtually buy everything in this world. But we should always remember, money cannot buy happiness.

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