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    Most Annoying Habits Of Men That Women Hate

    By Staff

    Every human being has some annoying habits that can be intolerable to others. Be it a man or a woman, every individual has some habits that are unacceptable. A man from America or India can have the same habits. Men have few irritating habits that makes others angry. Let us check out some annoying habits of men that women can't tolerate.

    Most annoying habits of men:

    Flirting: This is one of the most common habits of every man. Seldom you can find a one woman man! Almost all men have the bad habit of flirting with women. They don't look at the place, timings or situation. Eyes automatically fall on women and men can't help flirting with them. Be it a single or committed man, he will look at a beautiful woman passing by. If you ask them why, he would only say, "She is beautiful. What can I do if she came across me?"

    Most Annoying Habits Of Men

    Urinating in public: Men have the chance to urinate anywhere. This blessing from God should not be taken for granted. Most of the men have this irritating habit of urinating in public. It is not only cheap, but ugly and unhygienic.

    Looking at breasts: This is another common habit of men that annoys women the most. It is difficult to answer as to why men stare at the breasts of a woman. But majority of men have this annoying habit that can test the patience of a woman to the fullest. Imagine, you are trying to talk to a man, and he will look at your bosom and then at your eyes. What can be worse?

    Touching their genitals: Why do men touch their genitals? Just to adjust their underwear? If you are not comfortable in your undies, stop wearing them or go for loose fitting boxers. Touching your asset in public gives a wrong impression to women.

    Not shaving: There are men who are too lazy to shave off their beard. A stubble can look appealing look sometimes, but beard that has grown shaggy will make you look unclean and mad. Please shave as it is one annoying habit of men that others hate. Being lazy is irritating.

    Taking loud burps: Men are not sophisticated like women but they should have to follow some basic public etiquette. Burping loudly after a heavy meal is really annoying for the people who are sitting beside you. It is not only annoying but also disgusting.

    Using slang in every sentence: All men have this habit of using slang words in front of others. Due to the influence of male friends, a man gets used to using F*** words. Using these slangs while talking with your friends is fine but, when you are with a woman, using slang is disrespectful. It also gives a bad impression. Be careful with your words.

    These are few annoying male habits that are intolerable to women. Do you know any other bad habits of men? Share with us.

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