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7 Most Annoying Sounds In The World

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Annoying Sounds
Our lives are full of annoying sounds. The sound of screeching brakes, blowing horns and traffic are always heard day and night. But, have you ever wondered, which is the most horrible sound you have ever heard in your life? Sounds are not isolated phenomenon. In the science of human acoustics, sounds are associated with emotions, memories and experiences deep within our subconscious mind. This association is what makes the sounds annoying to us. This is a list based on what majority of people thing are the worst sounds in the world.

Most Annoying Sounds In The World:

1. Vomiting: According a research conducted in United Kingdom, the sound of someone vomiting or throwing up is the most horrible sound to hear. There is something about this sound that makes you go 'yuck'. Maybe because it makes you also feel pukish.

2. Nails On A Blackboard: This a trick that kids play to irritate their teachers. The scratching sound of nails on a blackboard is one of the most irritating sounds in the world. This is because this sound is so high pitched, it actually causes discomfort to your brain and ears.

3. Car Alarms: Firstly they are noisy. Secondly, they are totally ineffective. The fact that all the rukus of the car alarm could be caused just because a cat jumped on your car is all the more annoying. Also, the sound of a car alarms are sinisterly reminiscent of ambulance alarms that could spark off a painful memory.

4. Sounds Of Snoring: The sound of snoring is irritating for a valid physical reason. It does not allow you to fall asleep. Sleeplessness is a major cause of insanity and thus, your snoring can make your partner mad. It is by far the most irritating sound in the world if you have to live with it.

5. Screeching Brakes: This sound is irritating for the ears! The frequency is too high to be liked by the human ear. The sound of screeching brakes is also commonly associated with accidents. This could press the panic button in many people.

6. Sound Of Alarm Clock: No matter how musical your alarm clock is, your first response to its sound is always 'irritation'. This dislike towards the sounds of alarm clocks is purely emotional. It wakes you from the comfort of sleep and you hate it. Some alarms, especially the ones on mobile phones, can be nasty though.

7. Cicadas: They are insects who mate at night and create a low droning sound.They can drive the entire town to sleeplessness with their persistent droning.

These are the most annoying sounds that we come across in the world. Do you find any other sound particularly disturbing?

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 16:16 [IST]
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