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5 Interpretations Of A Snake Dream

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Snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. But is there any significance of dreams? Snakes are a very common symbol in our dreams and it has a great many symbolism. Dreams enable a person to explore one's hidden self. It is an insight into the psyche. Snakes always considered as mysterious, enable a person to understand a surfacing danger if they have a snake dream. Dreams express our inner self as we often dream of those things that we could not do in our real lives.

It is said that whenever a woman has a snake dream she will conceive. But it is not always so for a snake dream has many interpretations. Let us see some of them

Fighting With A Snake- Did you ever have a snake dream where you were fighting with a snake? Well there is nothing to worry about a snake dream like this. It only means that you are fighting with your own feelings or struggling with a decision that you have made. This dream might may also indicate a power struggle in relationships or at work.

Chased By A Snake- Whenever you dream of snakes where you are being chased by them it means that you are facing a situation that is haunting you. It may also signify a situation you are trying to run away from. This dream brings to you the emotions that you are trying to avoid. Try to eliminate such fears and you will definitely stop having such dreams.

Bitten By A Snake- If you dream of snakes where they are biting you then there is something that calls for you immediate attention. Some people or things whom you have deemed unimportant are going to cause you some harm. You may face a situation that will be difficult to handle as your enemies will grow more powerful than you.

Eating Or Sleeping With A Snake- The meaning of a dream where you are eating a snake or are sleeping with it means a rising desire for sexual intimacy with someone. It also indicates sexual dissatisfaction in your life.

Snakes In A Pit- A snake dream where you fall down in a pit full of snakes means that bad luck is going to befall you in your love life or professional life. They represent problems of a particular type that is awkward to deal with. So proceed with caution and boost up your confidence levels to deal such issues.

If you only understand the significance of dreams then there is no more reason to be afraid of it.

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Story first published: Monday, July 2, 2012, 17:25 [IST]
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