Tips To React To Insults/Teasing?

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Insults and teasing would have been a phase in everyone's life. The impact of insults can be positive and negative. A person who is teased may develop inferiority complex, lose confidence in self and look upset all the time. To get rid of such bullying one needs to learn to react and give it back.

One thing that the insulted need to know is that the people who tend to bring down your self esteem are the ones who are highly insecure. They envy about something you have and they don't. It can be your creativity, beauty, luck etc. today we will discuss on how handle insults and people. Take a look.

Reacting & Tackling People Who Insult

1. Thank Them – The best way to deal with teasing is by complimenting on the same. They say that you don't have good dresses, thank them saying “Wow! I Will Take That As A Compliment" and make them realise that your beauty makes all the difference than their's with the deck up.

2. A Question To A Question – Now that they told you to change your dress sense or makeup, just tell them 'Oh! You Really Think So?' and walk away. The moment you leave from the place, it is sign of embarrassment for them.

3. How To Avoid Insulting People? - Pretend as if you are listening to music or reading a book. The best lesson to such people would be ignorance as they cannot pass comments on anybody when left without a company.

4. Your Attitude – If they are looking down at somebody, it is not that the person is inferior but it is about how cheap they can get. When somebody does this to you, just stand up, say “Sorry, If you think so" and leave the place with attitude (your head up high).

5. Do not show your feelings to them as they will never understand. Simply walk out with a smile, take a deep breathe, talk to friends or walk a few yards to get rid of the bad feeling.

6. Get Sarcastic – You need to hit the hammer hard when hot so get sarcastic to give back what they deserve. When you hear a comment about something that is not you, get sarcastic like 'My God, You Are Soo Good' or 'How Nice, You're My Best Buddy Too' and slip off.

Just because they insulted you, it doesn't mean you need to do the same with them. Get matured and try not to hurt their feelings by using a bad language etc. The best way to deal rude people is by restricting interaction and avoiding their company.

Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2012, 17:34 [IST]
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