How To Get Tweets From A Celebrity?

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Do you know what is the weirdest thing about human psychology? It is we all like to feel important. But how can we make ourselves feel or look important? We do it by being friends with important people. Some decades back, people used to boast of knowing some or the other celebrity. Times have changed and now we have our means to feel important.

Now we boast about getting tweets from a celebrity. There are several celebrities on Twitter now. In fact, I feel that the whole film fraternity has moved on to Twitter. Celebrities on Twitter seem to be just like us. They settle their scores with competitors on Twitter, they do free publicity and they too feel important.


So, it should not be that difficult to get followed by a celebrity on Twitter. Here are some easy ways to get tweets from a celebrity or to get followed on Twitter by them.

Use the Twitter Handle: There is an @ (at the rate) option on Twitter. So when you are tweeting about a celebrity you can use the twitter handle to notify them. It should look something like this; @Kareenakapoor 's favourite salad recipe...

Stop bugging them: If you keep sucking up to a celebrity then he or she is definitely not going to follow you on Twitter. What do you usually do with unknown people who keep badgering you with friend requests or likes? That's right, you block them. And that is exactly what your favourite celebrity is going to do with you. After all, even celebrities are human beings!

Write about them: Instead of writing to them and expecting a reply, write about them. Fan mails is of little value to the stars because they cannot publicize it. But if you have a blog with 2000 regular readers and you write about your favourite stars there, then it suddenly becomes important. The expert tip to get tweeted by a celebrity is to write something slightly negative about them. It will catch their attention. They will follow you surely; just keep an eye on your posts.

Don't dream too big: You need to pick the right celebrities on Twitter to go after. If you choose Aamir Khan, you may not get a response in your lifetime. But that does not mean you follow Poonam Pandey! She follows the whole world and his neighbours too. Someone like Abhishek Bachchan, who is active on Twitter and yet not a publicity hog is the ideal choice.

These are some ways to get tweets from celebrities. Does any celebrity follow you on Twitter? Tell us about it.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 15, 2012, 14:56 [IST]
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