How To Be Good Liar Who Is Born To Lie?

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Just like some people are born to fly, some are born to lie. But even if you are not one of them, you need not worry. The skills of a good liar can be acquired with experience and sharpened with practice. The key of course is to build confidence. This is because lying is an art if your not caught and a crime if you are. Lying helps in many ways in your life, be it your career or your relationships. It is not one of the most ethical things to do but then few people in the world like the harsh truth.

So to be a good liar is something of a necessity these days. Here are some of the rules by which you have to play the lying game.

Tips To Be A Good Liar:

1. Look Good To Be Bad: It is very important for a glib liar to be presentable. If you are shabby and unkempt then people do not take you seriously. Well dressed professionals often make the most viscous liars. Probably that is why professions like Marketing and Sales require you to be very well dressed. It is because you cannot survive in these fields without a bit of lying.

2. Sob Stories Work: Can you tell your boss that you did not turn up at work because you over slept? It is much better to say that your roommate had a road accident and you were waiting out side the ICU all night. Dramatic as it may sound, these stories work if you build the confidence to deliver them properly.

3. Don't Miss The Emotions: You cannot be poker faced while saying that your best friend is in the hospital. Sometimes being expressionless does not work. Make sure you make the crocodile tears appear as real as you can. In fact, if you can imagine the situation hard enough then it will make you teary.

4. Do Not Stammer Or Blabber: The best way to catch a liar is to watch out for shaking hands or stammering. If you are apprehensive about what you are saying then your heart beat rises. Stress hormones flow through you and manifest themselves in this way. You have to build supreme confidence to control these psychosomatic reactions.

5. Be Thorough: A good liar is a always well researched and informed. If you are going to lie about a vital statistical point in your presentation then you better be prepared to back it up with a good cover up job. Over confidence with no preparation will get you caught.

6. Lying With A Straight Face: Let us move to a lighter situation when you are not lying to save your life. If you are playing a practical joke on your friend then you need to be poker faced, meaning totally expressionless, to be believable. The better you hold back those giggles, the better liar you will make.

Use these speaking tips to be a good effective liar.

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Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2012, 16:06 [IST]
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