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Ways To Deal With Rising Petrol Prices

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Hike in petrol prices have become a matter of concern for the layman. Every other month, the price hits hard! All petrol pumps get over crowded from the time a news is flashed on the television. Well, filling your car or bike tank will help you only for few days. What after that? Don't worry. Here are few ways to deal with the rising petrol prices in India.

Go for bicycle: If you can't afford to deal with the rising petrol prices, opt for a bicycle. Don't be lazy to buy it. Instead of buying next month, get it now as bicycle prices are going to rise soon! Bicycle is a healthy alternative for working professionals who always travel by car or bike. Wear your sports shoes and start riding a cycle to stay healthy and fit. You not only burn fat but also avoid feeling lethargic.

Rising Petrol Prices

Turn off your AC: If you love to drive without sweating, then it is time to kill your love! Enjoy the beauty of nature by pulling down the car windows and inhale the fresh air while you drive. AC consumes a lot of petrol. So, to deal with the rising petrol prices, stop turning on AC in your car and enhance the benefits of nature.

Walk: Nothing can be more healthy than walking to your office or college. Young bloods have become lazy to walk even a kilometer and this laziness is affecting their health. If you have inculcated the habit of using car or a bike to travel a small distance, then you cannot cope with the petrol prices. For small distance destinations, you can go out walking and feel fresh too! Walking is an aerobic exercise that helps lose weight and in staying fit. If you walk regularly, you improve the blood circulation in the body and also rejuvenate your mood.

Auto/bus: When nothing works, spend money in an auto or a bus. Instead of traveling by car on a regular basis, utilise the public transport facilities. Keep the petrol for emergency uses and prefer an auto or a bus for a regular trip to office or college. There is no harm in traveling by these means of transportation. Although, the bus and auto fares will increase due to the rise in petrol prices, you can afford the hike of 4-10 bucks instead of spending 200 per day!

Decorate your garage with the car and try these ways to deal with the rising petrol prices.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 14:16 [IST]
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