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5 Most Annoying Facebook Habits

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Your annoying habits could get you into a lot of trouble at work or school. Practicing bad Facebook habits it will only result in the greatest social snub; that is, your 'friends' might 'unfriend' you. Lets face it, we are all addicted to social networking sites and our Facebook activities have really started mattering to us. So if you want to avoid being snubbed by your Facebook friends, you do something very simple. You must analyse, what are the things that may make you hit the 'unfriend' button on Facebook.

Here are some of most annoying habits that people display on Facebook and other social networking sites.


1. Flooding The Feed: When you open your Facebook account in the morning, you have a rough idea of names you will see on your wall. Some people are into the habit of posting the most trivial things or stupid pictures as an update. As a result, your wall gets flooded with irrelevant posts and you cannot follow the interesting Facebok activities of other friends.

2. Look At Me, I Am So Happy: Most people are less than happy with their lives. Their boss is a pain, spouse is suffocating them and work pressure is tantamount. So if my life is so stressful, am I really going to enjoy watching 'happy family' pictures from morning to night? Certainly not. So stop posting fake happy pictures on Facebook continuously.

3. Share Or Die: Any post that end with 'if you are ... share' is likely to piss me off. I can be a true Indian citizen, cricket lover and a good human being without sharing these stupid cock and bull stories. It is one of the most annoying habits that people display on social network these days.

4. Please Don't Request: It is not friend request but request for bizarre applications and groups that usually bloods your Facebook activity. Someone wants to add you to their 'Birthday Calendar'. Another friend wants you to play 'Treasure Hunt' with you. This is a seriously annoying habit that gets on your nerves.

5. Don't Tag Along: Sometimes you read on your notifications that your friend has posted 'a photo of you'. Now you click on it with anticipation and realise that it is some totally irrelevant photo or collection of photos. You have been tricked into clicking on it because you were 'tagged' and it is really irritating.

These are some of the most annoying habits that you get to see on Facebook and other social networking sites. As social network activities are now important enough to be considered 'habit', you better develop some 'good' habits!

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