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Personality Development For A Better You

By sruthi appu

Personality development, the term which has grew up to the most important aspect, as in present times, one's personality plays a very important role in the path of success. So, it's important we understand what is personality.

Personality is the thought, feeling and behaviour of a person, which is inbuilt but personality is flexible. It can be ruined or built. Building up of one's personality is called personality development. The three main aspects of personality – feeling, thought and behaviour, is a part of your identity and your first impression on a person depends on the perfect handling of these three points.

Here are few steps to personality development -

1.Self- Improvement – The first towards personality development is self-improvement. We are the best judge of ourselves but the problem lies in the fact that we deny the our faults. Accept your faults and try to improve it. If needed, take help of someone. The process of self-improvement is quite enlightening and brings minor things to your notice which you would have ignored since a long time. The best way of self-improvement is to ask someone to evaluate you, point out your mistakes and notice your improvement.

At times, constant complain can be a bit depressing but tell yourself that it will make you better than what you were. Nothing can make a person perfect but the process of self-improvement will surely help you help you in getting better.

2.Communication – The second most important part of personality development is correct way of communication. Under Communication comes, short sentences, tone of the message, clarity in speaking and command on the topic. A successful conversation is one in which you convince a person that you are the best knowledgeable person on that topic. You should be a reliable source of information for that person. You can make a person believe you with the tone of your voice. An agitated and hurried voice, creates confusion. When talking, be calm, clear and informed about the topic. Control your emotions from being revealed in your tone. Your tone should be neutral. Even a smile and a laugh is communication and are the most important part of expression. Don't spill them for no reason.

3.Self-Respect – If you don't respect yourself, nobody will. Respect all your decisions and stick to them no matter what comes along. Respect your decisions of life and allow others to follow it but don't follow others. Be protective to your self-respect and don't let anybody trample over it. Make sure you don't let self-respect grow to be a complex. When the sense of self-respect is more than needed, it often turns out to be inferiority or superiority complex.

4.Be Honest – No matter how bad the world has gone, honesty still is the best medicine. Dishonesty plays games with your conscious and the fear of being caught can never allow you to respect yourself. Until you are able to look up to yourself, you can't make others to do the same. Honesty is one of the major steps. Honesty gains you respect and also gives you the strength to stand head held high.

5.Respect And Love Others – The most important rule of in the game of life is to remember that others around you are not weak. Showing respect to others, no matter which status the person belongs to, speaks volumes about your nature. Respecting and loving others, compels them to feel the same for you. Don't let hatred creep in until it is necessary. Hatred brings in anger with it which is not a part of the process.

6.Control Your Emotions – Control over emotions like anger, love, hurt, pain is very important. Don't ever let your emotions take control of your decisions. Don't be vulnerable to emotions. They should not be able to control your actions, until you want you. Over flow of emotions often disturbs your cool, which hampers your ability to think. Thus, don't loose your cool.

7.Be An Individual – Don't be like anyone, you are the best the way you are. We play many roles, we share different relationships with many around us and everyone has holds a certain right on you but limit that right at one point. You should always have your space and in your individual space no one should be allowed. You are sole owner of that place. Take advices from others but don't let others make decision for you.

These are some of the most important steps to personality development. Walk on these steps to build up your personality but remember personality is not making it difficult for people to reach you. A pleasant personality is one which makes it easy for people to reach you but makes it difficult for them to use you.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 16:25 [IST]
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