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Corporate Ethics - A Part Of Employee Training

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Corporate Ethics, a term which has grown up to be of utmost importance in the present corporate scenario. It was not a very common term 10 years back. Corporate Ethics training is popular in The United States, in India it is still at a nascent stage. Infosys, is among the fist companies in India which has introduced Corporate Ethics training to their employees.

Corporate Ethics, is a based on the principles of integrity, honesty, focus, responsibility, profit and benefits, customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

Integrity – Integrity is one of the most important points of Corporate Ethics. Integrity, is being one company. According to a rule of integrity, is the sense of being part of the company, which means, you first think from the company point of view, then for the team and then for yourself. This helps to have a wider vision. When you think big and work towards a bigger goal, automatically, you benefit personally.

Honesty – Honesty is still the best policy. Be honest to your colleagues, to your team, to your juniors, to your boss, to your work and to yourself. A client will always prefer earning from a honest business than having greater profit from a dishonest company. Illegal acts or product mis-selling gives you overnight charm but the future will not be very pleasant.

Focus – A goal and a focus is very important to be able to achieve your target. Focus is possible only if you concentrate on one goal at a time. Set an achievable goal and work to wards it without getting attracted to which you think are more profitable options. Trying to get all at one time, will only result in sheer failure.

Responsibility – Every individual in a corporate bears the responsibility of both profit and loss, not matter even if he is indirectly related to it. Corporate ethics does not allow you to hide from your responsibility. No matter how many branches a company has, the final profit is one and every individual no matter how big or small post he/she holds, is responsible for it. Only if you take up responsibility will you have the knack to work for it. Pushing your responsibility on others is the unprofessional way of working.

Profit And Benefits – Everyone of us is working for profit. Don't make emotional decisions. Something which is not profitable and won't benefit the company, is better not to waste time on. We are all in a race to earn the maximum profit, thus, it is not allowed to be satisfied to small benefits.

Customer Satisfaction – Customer satisfaction directly leads to customer trust and business. Customer satisfaction should be our only aim, profit, business and growth will follow. Once you have satisfied a customer of his needs, he/she becomes your permanent customer. One of the main factors of profit in business is word of the mouth. From one happy customer, you get many other clients.

Social Responsibility – No matter how big or small we are, we belong to the society and cannot deny our responsibility towards it. Corporates should take part in social responsibility acts the first reason being goodwill and second being a feeling of contentment, which is needed to be an peace emotionally. You benefit from the society, give a part of it back to those who are not privileged enough. Social responsibility is never for profit but it for serving a part of the society.

These are few of the most important corporate ethics but they are fast evolving. It training, should be a part of work, so that employees along with their work also know the wider aspect which they should focus on. Corporate ethics training also helps in building each employee into a professional.

Story first published: Friday, September 17, 2010, 12:48 [IST]