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A Story Of Aids

By Super Admin

(A translation of Aids poem in thatskannda)

Fretting boredom if you are hopping bars and sipping beer, my angel,

Wobbling buddies with widened eyes may ogle your body"s beauty

Getting a cool aide for you treating them to pegs with a lady's grace

Rushing in byes and hopping on a cab worth of sense be left in you.

Staying back, if you do, you will shake all you got to racy beats

Rubbing this and that, as passion soars you may rush for six starred

Flashing tatty lodge's moldy bed, forgetting all and even the trite

Fooling around inviting the devil of Aids upon you, beware.

Sighting his predawn vanishing even skipping a cup of coffee act

Spotting the remnants of the evening's darling play here and there

Raging in aspy anger, cursing all the pubbers in the town if you are

Rushing to wed the old pal that had caused cold feat fits, beware.

Feeling the honey moon man's kind of love is just so fine and

Hoping to stay in ever after happiness memories may pop

Hoping to rid the mind of that scarry deeds sprouting seed,

Feigning bane if you see a medicine man, devil of aids may show.

Sure the devil has touched you, the lover and that life in womb,

Curers of all curses, teachers of walk on water tricks may be many

Rarer art ofexorcising the evils of aids is not known to any,

Where even a puppy might be to care your orphan is known by none.

Fake your friendship with guileless ardent clubbing fans

Shake them off with any ole lies to keep on learning and

Make the devil of aids brake its spell, let all the Nobel laurels

Make you the darling child of the land that lifts it"s fallen.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 27, 2009, 17:02 [IST]
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