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12 Interesting Things To Do When You Are Getting Bored
There could be nothing more boring than sitting at home and having nothing to do. If you have been in such a situation then we can understand that you may feel bored of yawning and scrolling through your social media feed, ...
Interesting Things To Do When You Are Getting Bored

Boredom Can Make You Politically Radicalised
If you are bored and are unable to find a meaning in what you do, chances are you may develop extreme political views sooner, a study reveals.Boredom may be contributing to a widening of political views among voters, according to researchers ...
Boredom Can Make You Politically Radicalised
Unhealthy Things We Do When We're Bored
When you have nothing interesting to do, you may feel bored. Boredom is nothing but an emotional state. It is more of a state of mind where you feel restless because you have nothing interesting to do. People often wonder how ...
Lousy Day? Get Through With These Tips!
Every dog has it's day. Similarly, every man has a bad day. In fact, you can term is as an absolutely lousy day. A particular day, when nothing seems to go right, right from burning a toast to showing up ...
Lousy Day Tips
A Story Of Aids
(A translation of Aids poem in thatskannda)Fretting boredom if you are hopping bars and sipping beer, my angel, Wobbling buddies with widened eyes may ogle your body"s beauty Getting a cool aide for you treating ...
Boredom In Marriage - Reasons & Solution
The divorce rates are soaring high in the present century. Even the couple, who have endures each other for 8-9 years are thinking to call it off. Thanks to boredom in marital life! Feeling bored in marriage leads to ...
Boredom Marriage
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