How To Make Friends For A Lifetime?

 Do you feel that friendship is meant to be a relationship for a short time and will fade out as the time separate you to distinct poles? Do you miss the cherished moments that you spent in the company of your dear friends? Do you fear to make friends at a new place? Then here are the golden rules that will keep you under the warmth of friendship forever.

Never impose friendship
You may find the most popular person around you as the suitable person get befriended with. Wait! You have also to think whether the other one will find your company pleasurable. Initiate a casual chat and if there is a positive wavelength to become friends, you will know it within a short time. On the other hand never impose your friendship and make yourself feel a fool!

Never accept all friendship requests
When you are alone, you may feel that all those who approach you for friendship are acceptable. Here also you have to keep a vigilant watch especially to those from the opposite sex.

Possessiveness in friendship
A general phenomena that hinders the healthy growth of friendship is possessiveness. There is no meaning in the saying that "Two will be friends and three will be a gang". If you never feel the nasty feeling of selfishness and ready to share your friendship with everyone, you will feel that the same love is reciprocated to you.

Jealousy & Competition
Do you feel that your friend outshines you at many instances? If so, be careful! You might be having the venomous feeling of jealousy that will hamper your friendship forever. On the other hand, if you feel that your friend is having those feelings towards you, find time to understand him/her. Appreciate the unique talents that your friend has and encourage them to reach the high positions destined for them.

Personal Affairs
Many people often find difficulty, while discussing the personal issues with their friends. There is no future for your friendship if, you choose to become a fair weather friend. If you find any mistakes from your friend's part, point out it in a mild manner. This will not risk your friendship and your friend may trust you more for your honesty.

You can share your personal dilemmas with your friends at any time. However be careful not to nag them with all your mood swings as it will spoil the fun in your friendship.

You must be careful that you will not interfere with the personal life of your friend. Never demand your friend to share all their personal issues with you. Your interrogation may make your friend feel insecure in the relationship.

Friendship is just like any other relationship that you cherish for a lifetime. Your adjustment, love and caring may make it the most wonderful relationship in your life.

Story first published: Thursday, July 26, 2007, 18:22 [IST]
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