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Viral Video: Swiggy Delivery Agent Waits Without Raincoat At Traffic Signal Amid Heavy Rainfall

Delivery agents have challenging lives. The introduction of digital shopping has opened the door to many job opportunities and has transformed lives, along with making it convenient for people to get delivered items at their doorstep.

However, behind the comfort and leisure that people experience, there's a not-so-easy and challenging task of "delivery agents."

These delivery executives have to fulfil their duties and responsibilities well to put bread on the plate. Every day, they try hard to make their lives comfortable. However, sometimes they may encounter problems such as vehicle breakdowns, traffic jams and rain that may take a toll on their health and finances.

In a similar incident, a video has surfaced on social media that has made netizens overwhelmed. The video, shared by Dinesh Kabra, an IPS officer, features a Swiggy delivery agent who is waiting at a traffic point amid heavy rain without a raincoat.

The video that was posted said, "Unfortunately, in @Swiggy only 5 stars can be given. Crores of stars are also less for such a conscientious and hardworking employee. "

The video has garnered close to five million views.

The delivery agent in the video has gained much praise online for his dedication towards his duty, even in an all-drenched condition due to heavy rain in Vijayawada.

Some of the comments in the post are:

  • "He should have been given a raincoat." Another user commented, "He has to do this due to rampant unemployment."
  • "Swiggy or Zomato should provide their delivery boy dress according to weather , woolen in winter and decent raincoat in the rainy season. Not to forget, he should wear a helmet for his own protection."
  • "My salutes to this boy."
  • "This is the situation of unemployment. What to do."
  • "There is no great generosity in posting a video of a poor person, if you can, help him, you will give millions of stars !"

Replying to the post, Swiggy Cares also commented, "Hey there, We value the efforts of all our delivery partners, including this executive from Vijayawada. Their safety is of utmost importance to us, and we take multiple measures to ensure they are weather ready across the year. All delivery.

What do you think about the video?

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