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Happy Birthday To All Born In March: 12 Personality Traits, Behaviour And Characteristics

There is only one term for March born people- AWESOME!

March is the third month of the year and a pleasant one too. In India, it marks the transition of ending of spring and the beginning of summer. No matter what your birth month is, there is a popular belief that it can determine personality traits, behaviour and characteristics of a person. Here's is what you need to know about March born people.

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1. They Are Soft At Heart

People born in the month of March are extremely soft at heart and generous. Once you come to know these people, you will eventually understand how big their heart is. They are ever ready to lend their helping hand to those who genuinely need help. That's why they often win the hearts and love of people around them. For them, helping others is not just a moral duty but also a way to serve mankind and spread love.


2. They Are Exuberant And Independent

People born in the month of March are extremely lively and know how to live their life to the fullest. These people love meeting new people and getting to know them. They believe in making the best memories and enjoying every single moment of their lives..


3. They Prefer Peaceful Environment

Though people born in the month of March are quite amiable and lively, they prefer a peaceful environment. They will choose serenity over the hustle and bustle of the city. They do not like hanging out with people who are loud and dying for fame. They will in fact love reading a nice book and sipping hot coffee rather than going to a party or being with someone who screams at the top of their voice. Silence and peace are two things they are really fond of.


4. They Love Spending Time In The Lap Of Nature

If you are looking forward to being friends with someone who loves nature, then you can think of considering people born in March. They admire the serenic beauty of mountains, rivers and vegetation. Not only this, they are keen to preserve nature. In addition to this, they also admire having a pet and shower love and care on whatever pet they have.


5. They Are Good At Analysing The Situations

Believe it or not, people born in the month of March are quite good at observing and analysing things. They often analyse about their past incidents and try to take a cue from the same to avoid any further mistakes. Also, they tend to analyse every single action before making any decision. At times, they may overthink, but they need to be reminded that there's no point in giving too much importance to something, which is already done or finished.


6. They Are Intellectually Inclined

These people are born philosophers. They live their life with a practical approach and will motivate you for the same. Perhaps, therefore, they are best at giving advice to their loved ones. One of the best lessons that you will learn from these people is to live happily with whatever you have and finding pleasure in the simplest of things. Also, these people will make you believe in living your life to the fullest and without any regrets.

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7. They Can Easily Adapt To New Environment

If you know someone who was born in the month of March, you will agree that these people are extremely adaptive. New and unfamiliar environment never intimidates these people. In fact, they try to adjust in the new environment and among new people through a positive and lively approach. They will hardly find it difficult to get used to something which is new.


8. They Speak Their Mind

This is one of the best qualities in people who are born in the month of March. They are always clear with their opinions, thoughts and views. Instead of sugar coating their words, they will stick to the truth and will always speak whatever is on their mind. They do not believe in hiding the facts or speaking something other than their own thought.


9. They Are Extremely Positive

No matter what comes in their way, people born in this month are quite positive. They never panic even during the toughest situation. Instead you will find them trying to solve problems through a positive approach. You will hardly find them worrying about 'what comes next'. They always carry their positive aura and seem enthusiastic. You will rarely find them crying over their bad experiences as they believe in the philosophy in life.


10. They Value Their Friendship

We have no ounce of doubt that people born in March understand the importance of a great friendship. This is why they always value their true friends and make them feel special and important. Rather than ignoring friends or taking advantage of them, a March born will always be on his/her toes to give more in their friendship.


11. They Devote Themselves To Their Partners

It is not that these people are only great friends. In fact, they are great and loyal partners as well. They put much effort in their relationship and try to make their partners feel loved and special at every point of life. No matter how tough the time is, they will always have their partners' back and will be their mental and emotional support. Moreover, these people will always try to avoid any kind of mis-understanding or conflicts in their relationship.


12. They Love Listening To Music

These people find their solace in music. They not only love listening to music but are also capable of adapting the notes of the music they are listening to. They consider music as the best way to reduce their stress level and feel energised. Perhaps, therefore, they are good at singing and playing musical instruments.

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Make the March born people feel special by sharing this article. In case, you are yourself a March born, then wish you a very happy and bright birthday month.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 1, 2020, 7:00 [IST]
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