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10 Perks Of Staying Single That You Need To Know

Romantic movies and novels have made us hopelessly believe in dating and relationships. You may have heard people talking about the benefits of being in a relationship with someone. The way they describe the importance and perks of dating someone, staying single seems no less than a sin. But do you know there are some actual perks of staying single rather than having a romantic affair with someone?

We know, if you are willing to stay single, then you'll definitely want to know about those perks. Also, if you are looking for ways to give mouth-shutting replies to those who want you to date someone because they think being single is boring, then we are here for you. Below are some benefits of staying single, scroll down to read them.


1. You Can Live On Your Terms

This is probably one of the best things about staying single than being in a relationship with someone. You can live on your terms, do whatever you feel like doing, travel to your favourite destination, eat what you like and wear your favourite clothes. Nobody is going to put restrictions on you. You won't have to seek permission from anyone or convince someone to let you be who you are.


2. You Can Meet New People

If you love meeting new people and do not mind flirting with them, then being single is probably the best thing for you. You can flirt with someone without any intention of dating that person and expand your friend circle by meeting more and more people. We are not saying that you can't meet new people if you are in a relationship, but then flirting with someone while you are romantically involved with someone can be a bit awkward.


3. You Can Save Plenty Of Time

When you are single, you can definitely save plenty of time. This is because you won't have to chat or talk with someone for long hours. There are some people who feel irritated after having to talk with someone for long hours. If you are among them, then you will be saving tons of time which you can utilise in doing various things such as you can cook your food, work out or read a good book.


4. You Will Learn To Be Independent

After being in a relationship, there comes a time when a couple may depend upon each other. They often depend on their partner for supporting them emotionally, mentally and for other things. But when you are staying single, you learn how to become self-independent and self-reliant. You learn to do things on your own and take a stand for yourself.


5. You Won’t Go Through Unnecessary Fights

You may have seen couples often fighting over various things. They go through numerous arguments, heartbreaks, blame games and many other issues. Being single means you will obviously avoid these petty arguments and enjoy your peace of mind. You won't have to justify your actions and words. You can watch your favourite shows and guess what, nobody will argue with you for not letting him/her watch a cricket or football match.


6. You Can Save Yourself From A Creepy Match

Often people end up dating some creepy and annoying people. Initially, they may not be able to figure out the kind of person their partner is. But by choosing to stay single, you can save yourself from either dating or marrying a bad match. You don't have to commit to someone despite knowing that he/she is not of your type and you can't adjust with him/her. Just because you are feeling lonely and want some company, doesn't mean you can date or marry anyone.


7. You Can Be With People Who Matter The Most In Your Life

This is another one of the best perks of staying single. When you are single, you can decide with whom you want to spend most of your time. It can be your parents, friends or someone who is equally important for you. You can decide to be around people who make you feel happy and positive. Rather than dedicating your entire time to your partner who is ungrateful and takes you for granted, you can be with your loved ones and friends.


8. You Will Save A Considerable Amount Of Money

Yes, of course, those dinner dates at some fancy restaurants and expensive gifts may cost you a considerable amount of money. So, if you are wondering whether being single is beneficial, then yes, it is. You can save your money and utilise it for something important such as you can invest your money. Moreover, you will be gaining financial independence as well. You don't have to empty your pockets at your partner to make him/her happy.


9. You Can Work On Your Career And Dreams

Since you will be saving your time and money, you can give more attention to your career and dreams. You can choose your desired career and work accordingly. You won't have to compromise just because your partner doesn't approve of your career and dreams. You will be able to dedicate yourself completely to your career and make the most of it.


10. You Will Always Have Your Freedom

This is true. You will be free to do what you want. Whether you want to go on a solo trip or invite your friends to a party at your place, you can do it without worrying about your partner. You won't have to obey the orders and restrictions imposed by your partner. You can make decisions on your own.

We are not saying that dating or marrying someone is bad and has nothing to do with being happy. It's just that those who are single can also have fun in their lives. They too can enjoy their lives according to themselves.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 11:45 [IST]
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