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BB King’s 94th Birth Anniversary: Google Creates A Doodle To Honour The 'King Of The Blues'

Google shared a beautiful doodle to pay tribute to BB King, the legendary American legendary songwriter and singer on his 94th birth anniversary. Apart from the beautiful doodle, an animated video was also shared to honour his extraordinary life and work. If you check out the video, you will find, that he is playing his own songs, wearing a suit with a guitar in his hand. The doodle is suggested by Steve Spencer, the Little-Rock guest artist.

Also known as the King Of The Blues, he is truly a 'King' as his name suggests and was born on 16 September 1925 near Itta Bena Town in Mississippi.

The animated video shows such dedication and perseverance with which he used to perform on the streets until he got the job at a radio station. It was in the late 1940s when King became a part of the blues scene on Beale Street. "Beale Street was where it all started for me," King said.

It was in the year 1949 when he started his recording career. 'Three O'Clock Blues' is one of his most famous hits which was also his first hit. 'Every Day I Have The Blue' and 'The Thrill Is Gone' is also considered to be one of his classic records.

It is being said, King had a great love for music and perhaps, therefore, he rushed in a burning nightclub and risked his life just to save his beloved guitar. Also, his love for music made him perform tirelessly throughout his musical career. It is being said that in the year 1956, he performed in 342 shows which clearly shows his passion for music.

"When I sing, I play in my mind," he once said. "The minute I stop singing orally, I start to sing by playing Lucille."

BB King is said to be one of the best musicians of all time and therefore many rock stars of the world follow him and looked forward to him. In the year 1987, King was awarded the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. He was the first Blues artist who received fame on an international level. He has proudly won 15 grammies as well.

John Lennon of 'The Beatles' once said, "I wish I could just do like BB King." "If you would put me with BB King, I would feel really silly, he added further." King was no doubt, seen as an inspiration by so many rock stars of the world.

Though King had a flourishing and successful musical career, his personal life was upside down. He married twice but sadly, both the marriages didn't last long. He died in the year 2014, due to Brief Illness.