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Thanks To Social Media, Andhra Girl Reunites With Her Parents After 12 Long Years

The power of social media in today's scenario is known to everyone and when it comes to sharing information or checking out what is around the world, it is just a click away! This influencing electronic media can make your words travel around the world. And this is exactly what happened in the case of this girl named Bhavani from Andhra Pradesh. Thanks to Facebook, she was reunited with her parents after 12 long years.

The reunion was made possible by Vamsi Krishna, the owner of the house in which Bhavani used to work as a maid. When Vamni asked her about her family details, she said that she was separated from her parents at the age of four from the Cheepurupalli in Vijayanagaram district of Andhra Pradesh and later, adopted by a woman in Vijayawada with whom, she was living since then.

While talking to India Today that he used to check the details of a person before hiring them. So, when he asked Bhavani about her family details, she refused to give the details mentioning her separation from her original family and also about her adoption. When asked whether she wants to connect to her real parents, she replied yes. In this way, Vamsi took the available details from her and started finding her original parents which he did, by searching his brother first on Facebook.

"I sent a message to some people. And one has reverted to my message. I took his details, which matched the information provided by the girl. He then requested for a video call. He and her parents later confirmed that the girl belongs to their family", said Vamsi to this media outlet.

The girl's adoptive mother was not happy with this decision at first but later accepted it.

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