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World Emoji Day 2019: The Most Popular Emojis And Their Meanings

Our conversations are incomplete without emojis; be it on Whatsapp or Facebook. Different emojis are used for expressing our feelings through message. World Emoji Day 2019, which is celebrated on 17 July, calls for global celebration for emojis.

History Of Emojis

The oldest usage of emojis was in Yahoo Messenger. They later became widely popular in all the mobile operating systems in 2010. The emojis were created by Shigetaka Kurita, an engineer working at Japanese mobile operator, NTT Docomo in the year 1998.

How Are Emojis Approved?

Every year, The Unicode Consortium approves and publishes a list of emojis. Once they are published, the operating systems like iOS and Android introduce it on their platforms. The Unicode Consortium consists of members who vote and submit on the emojis that will be official. These members include Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Netflix and Tinder.

The Most Used Emojis In India

In India, the most used emojis in smartphone conversations are 'blowing a kiss' and 'tears of joy' according to a report by Bobble AI. Emojitracker, an online portal which keeps a track of the emojis used in Twitter.

Other most-used top 10 emojis are as follows:

1. Face with tears of joy

This emoji represents someone laughing so hard that the tears are coming out from the eyes. It is mostly used to express amusement and happiness when someone says or does something funny or embarrassing.

2. Smiling-face with heart eyes

This emoji represents a face with an open smile and heart eyes. It is most often used to convey enthusiastic feelings of love, adoration and infatuation.

3. Thinking face

This emoji is mostly used when a person is thinking or in deep thought. It's most often used to question something or someone.

4. Folded hands

Two hands placed firmly together denotes praying hands. In Japanese culture, it means please or thank you.

5. Applause

Clapping hands together represents applauding hands. It's mostly used in appreciation of someone's success, talent, or achievement.

6. Blowing a kiss

The winking smiley with kissing lips, blowing a heart represents something romantic. It is most often used for declaring love.

7. Thumbs up

This emoji also known as the 'yes emoji' is used to express general contentment.

8. Smiling face with sunglasses

The emoji with a smiling face and wearing dark sunglasses denotes a sense of cool.

9. Shy face

The face with smiling eyes and a broad, closed smile with rosy cheeks expresses genuine happiness, warm, and positive feelings.

10. Surprised face

Surprised or astonished face emoji is mostly used when someone is deeply impressed by something in a good or bad way.

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