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She Was Asked To Abort The Baby As He Had Brain Outside His Skull

As they say, a woman becomes a mother the moment she learns she is pregnant. No matter how the baby is, the mother's love will accept the child for what he/she is.

The unconditional love of his parents enabled a little boy fight for his life and now he leads a normal life!

This is the case of a boy whose brain was outside his skull while he was inside his mother's womb. The doctors had asked the parents to abort the child as they believed he would not survive for long!

Read the entire story below.


His Condition Was Discovered In An Ultrasound

Little Dominic Pio Gundrum's condition was discovered in an ultra sound scan. The scan revealed that he had a facial cleft that allowed his brain tissue to seep out and form a golf ball-sized sac on his face.


The Parents Were Advised To Abort The Pregnancy

The couple who already had seven other kids were devout Catholics. Hence, the couple refused to terminate the pregnancy when they were advised by the doctors. They wanted to put their child's life in God's hands.


His Condition Was Diagnosed As...

The young boy was born with a very rare disorder known as encephalocele. It is a medical condition where part of the brain grows outside of the skull. He apparently had a triangle-shaped gap from his lip up to his forehead. This was called a Tessier midline facial cleft. Apparently the brain tissues had seeped out and had formed a golf ball-sized sac, which was resting near his forehead.


The Doctors Revealed He Would Not Survive

Even though the medics had prepared the parents to be strong throughout the pregnancy as they believed that the boy would not be able to survive for more than a few hours of birth, the parents were keen on going ahead with the pregnancy.

The boy not only lived, but longer than expected! Post the surgery, he leads a normal life now.

Six years have passed and the boy looks hale and healthy, just like other kids of his age!

More power to him and his family!

So you believe in miracles? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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