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This Teen’s Short-Term Memory Resets Everyday Due To A Rare Condition

Most of us want to delete the bad memories of our lives and wish that we wake up and forget all the pain and miseries while we start a fresh life.

Though this seems to be too good to believe, here is the case of a teenager who forgets what happened the previous day and this is something that she has been suffering for years now!

Check out the details of the teen who suffers from short-term memory that resets everyday!


She Had Met With An Accident

Caitlin Little is a teen from North Carolina who had suffered a concussion during a cross-country practice and as a result she was left to suffer from a rare form of amnesia. It is said that she hit her head when one of her teammates accidentally stumbled into her.


The Medics Thought She Would Recover Soon

At the time of the accident, both the girl's coaches and the attending neurologist believed that the severe concussion and the effects of it would pass in a matter of weeks.


It Has Been 2 Years Since Then

It has been 2 years since she met with the accident and every day her parents have to wake her up gently and remind her what day it is and explain to her that she had a concussion two years ago.

Her Dad Has Kept A Journal Next To Her

After she wakes up and hears her parents' explanation on what happened to her 2 years ago, her dad asks her to read a journal that he has kept by her bedside. The journal contains details of what happened to her since the accident. Later, he patiently tells her that if she has any questions she can come to see him after 15 to 20 minutes.

She Suffers From Anterograde Amnesia

Doctors revealed that she suffers from anterograde amnesia and they have not found a solution for this condition yet. Hence, Caitlin is leading her life with this condition since two years and her parents are expecting that one day she will be back to her lively self and remember everything on her own.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 12:27 [IST]