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A Pregnant Bride Who Cheated Men Was Actually A Man!

There's nothing as such as a perfect murder and perhaps the same goes for thefts and conning as well. However, shrewd you are, one day you will end up on the short end of the law.

This seems to be the case as well with a Chinese conman who fooled 11 men into thinking 'he' is their dream girl and swindled large sums of money before the law caught up with him.

Check out the details of this bizarre case.


When One Of The Men Reported The Case

Apparently, a young man from neighboring Ruzhou city reported to the authorities that a woman named Miao Xiaomin had tricked him into giving her 31,000 yuan before she disappeared without a trace. He revealed that he had met online.


The Real Face Of The Man Was Revealed

When the cops managed to contact this Xiaomin person based on the complaint, they decided to lure ‘her' to an internet cafe. As the cops planned on arresting the charming young female con artist, they were surprised to see that the suspect was dressed as a man and carried a male identity card of a 27-year-old Miao Songtao.


The Man’s House Was Raided

When the cops arrested the man, they searched his house and everything started making sense. The cops revealed that they found skirts, wigs, high heeled shoes and even cosmetic masks and not to forget women's underwear. The man later confessed that he had always been interested in women's clothes and accessories. He further revealed that he was unsure if he fancied men or women.


The Police Revealed The Reality Of The Conman

One of the 11 men surnamed Wang, got the shock of his life after cops told him that his "pregnant" runaway bride was a man who was cross-dressing as a woman. Apparently, Wang was overjoyed when he met the girlfriend of his dreams online. She told him that she was expecting a baby. The man's family was overjoyed with happiness and they had immediately started planning a big wedding for the couple. But as the man was a con artist, he went off without a hitch and simply vanished, taking away the gifts and valuables worth tens of thousands of Chinese yuan. Wang was too embarrassed to report his would be wife missing just days before the wedding and hence had not reported the case.

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Story first published: Monday, April 15, 2019, 14:35 [IST]