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What Does Your Nail Shape Reveal About Your Personality

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There are so many physical aspects that define our personality. From the shape of our nose, to the shape of the fingers, to even the nail shape!

A lot can be revealed by looking at these physical features of an individual. Check them out, as we bring to you the details of how the nail shape can reveal about a person's personality.

From long, rectangular nails to triangular or even almond-shaped nails, these shapes can best define certain personality types.

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Long, Broad, Rectangular Nails

Individuals who have broad, long rectangular nails are believed to be born leaders. These individuals have a great sense of responsibility in everything that they do. They are balanced individuals who are also calm, independent and pragmatic. Apart from this, they also have a broad mindset for almost everything.

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Long, Narrow Nails

Individuals who have this type of nails that are long and narrow are believed to love luxury and they tend to get offended when they do not get the desired attention that they want. These individuals are calculative and egoistic as well.

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Small Square Nails

Individuals who have very small square nails are believed to be resourceful, flexible and sharp. They also have a quick wit. On the other hand, these individuals are aggressive, get jealous as hell and are pretty greedy for money.

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Short Nails

Individuals who have short nails are believed to be incorrigible perfectionists. They are always struggling to have things work out their way. These individuals are impatient and short-tempered as well. On the other hand, they are incredibly quick-witted. Apart from this, these individuals are more demanding in nature when compared to the others.


Almond-shaped nails

People with this unique almond-shaped nails are believed to be soft and sentimental. They tend to easily be offended. On the other hand, they will be great helpers to others. Apart from this, they are tender, romantic and delicate individuals who have idealistic views.

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Triangular Nails

Individuals who have triangular nails are said to hate losing on anything. They love to be famous and recognizable. With an artistic mind, they also have a constant changing mood; this is something that can change their personality. They have a delicate personality, which the others always look up to.

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