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Traditional Usui Reiki Symbols And Their Meanings

Reiki, in other words, is called "spiritual life force energy."

Usui Reiki healing technique has been practised since a long time. It is an alternative form of healing that has been developed almost 100 years ago in Japan.

It was started by a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui.

The word 'Reiki' is derived from two Japanese words, which mean 'rei' and 'ki'. While 'rei' means "higher power" or "spiritual power", the word 'ki' means "energy."

Here, in this article, we reveal to you the meaning of the traditional Usui Reiki healing symbols.

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Check out their meaning.


The Power Symbol

The power symbol is also known as ‘Cho Ku Rei.' This symbol is used to increase or decrease power. This symbol intends that it is the light switch that represents its ability to illuminate or enlighten people's spiritually. Reiki practitioners believe that this symbol is the regulator of qi, as it expands and contracts as the energy flows throughout the body.

The symbol is used as a catalyst for physical healing, cleansing or purification.


The Harmony Symbol

The harmony symbol is also known as the ‘Sei Hei Ki'. The intention of this symbol is the purification and its mental and emotional healing. The symbol is said to resemble a wave which seems to wash across a beach or the wing of a bird in flight.

This symbol is often used by practitioners who treat people for addiction or depression to restore the body's spiritual equilibrium. On the other hand, this symbol may be used to help people heal from the past.


The Master Symbol

The Master Symbol is also known as the ‘Dai Ko Myo,' it represents Reiki in all forms. The intention of this sign is the enlightenment. Generally, this symbol is mostly utilised by the Reiki masters during harmony.

This symbol is also believed to heal by combining the power of the harmony and distance symbols.


The Distance Symbol

The Distance symbol is also known as the ‘Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.' This symbol is generally used when you send the ‘qi' across long distances. The intention of this symbol is timelessness, and at times, the symbol is also called ‘pagoda' for its tower-like appearance of the characters when written out. The symbol is used in treatments of bringing people together across space and time. This symbol is an essential tool that the Reiki practitioners who focus on working on inner-child or past-life issues deal with.

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The Completion Symbol

The completion symbol, which is also known as the Raku symbol, is used during the final stage of the Reiki attunement process. The primary function of this symbol is its intention of being grounded.

This is often used by the Reiki masters during the Reiki treatment to draw them closer by settling the body and sealing the life force energy in our body. In short, it is symbolises the completion of the healing session.

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