How Would You Know If A Scorpio Is Ignoring You?

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Scorpio is one of the strongest signs among all the other zodiac signs. The traits of a Scorpion individual can be defined by its symbol 'Scorpio'. These individuals know how to make a mark on any individual with their importance.

The anger side of a Scorpion is nothing less than a painful period for their loved ones, as their anger can bring in a volcano of emotions and they cannot cope up with the cold treatment received from the Scorpions.

How To Do When A Scorpio Ignores You!

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They have the unique characteristics that define their personality. Handling the anger of a Scorpion is an art and only a few of them would be able to survive in their ignorance sting!

A Scorpion would become angry or sad, and you will never know where you went wrong.

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Hence, understanding their characteristics is important. Here are some of the characteristics and signs of Scorpions and also know how it would feel when being ignored by them.


Understanding A Scorpion

A Scorpion can be cold and hot at the same time. They would confuse your mind, as at one time they may be attentive and very responsive, while at the other instance, they might just disappear and even ignore your calls and messages. This seems to be odd to other signs, wherein it is all normal for a Scorpion.


They Withdraw Themselves Quite Often

They have a tendency to generally withdraw themselves when they want to deal with their unhappiness or dissatisfaction, stress or even excessive workload. The basic thing that one needs to do is stop worrying about them and give them the desired space. When they are all calm, they will always come around and approach you with an explanation.


What Makes Them Ignore You?

They will be angry at first, and then hurt you, and continue to even ignore you. When they are hurt or sad, you can quickly know that they are upset. Since they are very emotional, trustworthy and passionate, they will never let anyone know about it. Hence, they go into a 'me' zone and stick by themselves until they are fine.

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They Are Too Possessive

Even though they ignore you, their possessive side never leaves you. Once you ignore them, they will quickly think about what they will do if you leave them. This is an instinct behaviour, which they mostly deny of.


When Do They Ignore You?

When they need space to handle their stress, problems, workload and other issues. If they are irritated with too much of togetherness, then there are chances that they would ignore you.


Their Double Standards

Most of them find this trait of a Scorpion to be mean, but when they ignore you and disappear for a few hours or days, they will want you to be available for them when they want to come back.


Understanding How They Enter Their Lonely Mode

Most common traits of a Scorpion when they enter their lonely phase or the ignorance mode is when they will not talk to you normally and will not share their feelings and emotions with you. They will also get irritated, even if you are around in the same room as well!


How To Handle Their Ignorance?

Don't feel intimidated when you are being ignored by a Scorpion. They want to be alone, and it is because they want to gather their emotions and understand them. When they ignore you, then don't ignore them back in return. Just be patient and let them be alone for some time. They will gather their senses and come back to you always.


Watch Out For Their Mood

If a Scorpion seems to be having a bad day and thus may not be in a mood to entertain you. As they walk into the room, you will quickly feel their energy coming in all directions. Even if they are upset due to their workload, they might blame others for it in some way or the other. Hence, avoiding a Scorpion when they are in a bad mood is the best thing that you can do.


Apologise When It's Your Fault

When you know the reason for their anger, then make sure you apologise to them. Just apologise and do not ask for forgiveness, as this can create chaos. Let them have their space and gather their mind about the same. Since a Scorpion tends to hold on to grudges, apologising can eventually lower down their anger.


Stay Calm

When they are angry, they will lash out, which is why they prefer ignoring you instead of starting a conflict. If you hurt them in the past, they will bring it back and throw it at you. Hence, it is best to leave them to themselves when they ignore you and let them approach you at the right time.

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