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Real Life Stories: Journey Of The Transdad Who Breastfeeds His Baby

We often hear stories on the struggle that new mums face when they breastfeed. There are so many questions and doubts that arise in the mind at that very moment, but a story that we are sharing here today is a special one.

This is a story of a transdad named "Trevor MacDonald," who is a female-to-male transgender man, who shared his experience of breastfeeding his babies!

Check out to know more about this interesting story of this transdad and his remarkable journey.


He Was Born As A Female…

"Trevor MacDonald" was born as a female who had a transition and became a male. During the transition phase, MacDonald had got his breasts removed.


He Always Wanted To Have A Baby

He chose to have a "bottom operation", as he always planned to have a baby at some point of time. After the transition, he married the love of his life with whom he currently has 2 kids.

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He Got Pregnant

While MacDonald was taking a break from his testosterone therapy, the couple was blessed with a baby boy and they named him Jacob. After his baby was born, the transdad discovered that he was able to produce a little amount of milk. Even though he had initially giving the baby formula milk, he decided to breastfeed him when he discovered that he was still able to produce milk.


About His Breast Surgery

While he had undergone the breast surgery which could help propel him to a place where he felt comfortable in his own skin, it actually hindered on his ability to feed his children.

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He Learnt How To Breastfeed

With no experience of breastfeeding, MacDonald joined an international non-profit organization, which helped him learn on how to breastfeed using a supplementary nursing system or an SNS, which is a special tube that is connected to the nipple and it stimulates the body to produce milk.


He Is Now A Father Of 2 Kids!

Even though he is a father of 2 kids, he is an author as well, where he has written a book about his own experience of being a transdad and he even shares his experience of breastfeeding and other health-related issues, which many transgender people face when they plan to have a family of their own.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 15:05 [IST]
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