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Story Of A Man Who Has Half A Body For Real!

Being born different can be a blessing in disguise as it can make you realise about your strengths and weaknesses.

One such case is of a man named Rowdy Burton who was born with a rare lower spinal disorder. This is a condition that affects one in 25,000 births.

Check out his story as it is an inspiration to the world.


He Was Born With The Condition

Rowdy Burton was born with a rare lower spinal disorder. His condition was known as "Sacral Agenesis." According to reports, this condition is reported to affect one in 25,000 births.

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His Legs Were Amputated When He Was 3

When he turned three, he had his legs amputated. Yet, he still manages to lead a normal life like the rest of the individuals. He is also setting the best example for others to stay positive and keep smiling no matter what condition one is in.


He Was Bullied By His Classmates

When both his legs were amputated he was left with two stumps beneath his waist. As a result, he was subjected to cruel bullying at school until he reached high school. He revealed that people stopped bullying him as they were turning mature and understanding about his condition than find reasons to bully him.


He Wants To Be An Independent Man

Even though he is forced to use a colostomy bag, it does not dampen his spirits as he wishes to be an independent man. Despite all the challenges that he has faced, he is looking forward to his future. He plays different outdoor games with his friends like other individuals. He plays table tennis, skateboard and a few other sports, all by himself.


The Dent That Brings Down His Confidence

Due to his rare condition, he is being forced to use a colostomy bag. This has put a dent in his confidence. He claims that the colostomy bag plays a hurdle as he does not want to face any awkward situation during an intimate moment when his bag would give away!

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He Can Still Have Kids!

Rowdy claims that most of the people are taken by the fact that despite his physical condition, Rowdy can still have kids.


His Dream

Rowdy revealed that he always wished to become an astronaut, but he does know that his physical aspect would be a hindrance for him to go to space. Yet this is a wish that he claims that he would like to fulfil someday before he dies.

What do you think of his lovely spirit? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 8, 2018, 16:00 [IST]
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