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People Who Documented Their Own Death

Death is inevitable and the stories of people who seem to accept death as their time comes to an end can be quite chilling.

There are so many ways people's deaths have been recorded. But the most chilling ones are those where people have themselves recorded their own death.

There are so many documentaries on people who have recorded their death. From explaining the taste of cyanide to explaining the process of starving oneself to death, these documentaries will leave you feeling haunted.

Here are some of the stories that reveal the details of people who have documented their own deaths.

Check them out.


Death Of Karl Patterson Schmidt

Karl Patterson Schmidt was a herpetologist by profession. He wrote notes explaining how he felt after a snake bite as he slowly died after that. It was reported that he was trying to pick the snake up for identification when he was bitten. After which he started documenting his experience and food intake that he had taken after the snake bite.

On the day of the bite, he reported bleeding with a chilly and shaky feeling and next day he had heavier bleeding as he passed blood instead of urine and had started bleeding from his mouth, nose and bowels. He died during his treatment and his autopsy report revealed that he died of severe internal bleeding.


Death Of Prasad

Medics were not sure about the taste of cyanide unless they read the detailed explanation of a guy named ‘Prasad' who committed suicide as he drank a cup of cyanide. It is reported that he could not complete his note as he died while documenting it.
His note read: "Doctors, [this is] potassium cyanide. I have tasted it. It comes through slowly at the beginning, and then it burns, the whole tongue burns and feels hard. The taste is very acrid . . . I had read in some novel about killing a man discreetly with cyanide. It was smeared on the pages of a book that he was reading, and when he touched his tongue with his finger to turn the book's pages, he died and no one suspected . . . I am now convinced how easily someone can kill another using this . . ."


An Unnamed German Man

Two hunters found a body of a 58-year-old man. The remains of the man were on a mattress found in the middle of the jungle. It revealed the details of the sufferings that the man had been going through before he starved himself to death. Though the entire details were not revealed to the public, it is believed that the diary revealed a lot about the strained relationship the man shared with his daughter, his struggle of being jobless and it also had the details about the starving process where he revealed that he just drank water and ate nothing else.

Death Of Nara Almeida

She was a 24-year-old Brazilian blogger who reportedly died of stomach cancer in May 2018. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer a year before her death and she started documenting her health and the treatment that she was receiving. She had 4.5 million social media followers and she regularly posted pictures about her feelings, sleepless nights and the trauma that she was going through.
Just a month before her death she posted a picture that she captioned, "I believe that in the end everything will work out and I will come out of it very strengthened and ready to help other people." Unfortunately, it never happened.

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