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Is He The Luckiest Or Unluckiest Man In The World?

When we see people get lucky, we often think that they are born lucky. But certain unusual cases of people being lucky can often make us realise that indeed a few people are blessed!

Here is one such case of a man who is believed to have been lucky on the death front a couple of times.

the luckiest man in the world

The man named Frane Selak is said to have brushed death not once but more than thrice! On the other hand, he was even lucky when he won a lottery worth £600,000.

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He Was Born In Croatia

Frane Selak was born in Croatia in 1929. He was a humble man who worked as a music teacher. He had been facing life-changing events since 1962.

His First Brush With Death

In 1962, in a freak accident, the train that he was travelling in catapulted into a river. In the crash, 17 passengers were killed. But Selak was lucky as he was able to swim to the shore with nothing but a broken arm and hypothermia.

Little did Selak know that this harrowing event was just a drop in the ocean when compared to what was coming his way in the next few years.

The Very Next Year

Just a year after the freaking train accident, Selak was flying from Zagreb to Rijeka when he saw a door detach from the aircraft. The plane crashed killing 19 people while Selak landed himself in a haystack.

Then He Was Involved In A Bus Accident

In the year 1966, Selak was involved in another fatal accident when the bus he was riding again plunged into a river. It is reported that four casualties had taken place in the crash, but still, Selak was lucky enough as he came out mostly unscathed.

He Even Had A Car Accident

In the year 1970, Selak was involved in a rare accident in which his car's fuel tank exploded on the motorway. Selak is believed to have been really lucky to just barely escape with his seemingly-charmed life.

Apart from this, even in the year 1973, he was involved in a freaky car accident, when a malfunctioning fuel pump had leaked petrol over his vehicle and this sent instant flames spewing at him.

Wait, He Was Even Knocked Down By A Bus As Well!

He was knocked down by a bus in the year 1995! The year after that, he was also involved in a famous disaster where a truck came barrelling towards his car as he drove around a mountain road. He leapt free, only to watch in horror as the car exploded.

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After All This He Even Won A Lottery Ticket!

After having these close, near-to-death experiences, Selak won the lottery in Croatia. This was a ticket that his lady love had got him. His jackpot winning was worth around £600,000. With this money, he bought a luxurious home but sold it shortly after which he decided to lead a humble life with his fifth wife.

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Story first published: Friday, August 24, 2018, 16:01 [IST]
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