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What Was This Man Thinking When He Inserted 15 Boiled Eggs In His Rectum?

There are several bizarre practices that people try out when they are looking for sexual pleasure. From trying new methods of finding pleasure by inserting foreign objects to even inserting a cow tongue, people tend to experiment with anything and everything.

Most of the times, these individuals end up in emergency rooms for their acts, and here we bring in one such case of a man who had inserted 15 eggs in his rectum!

man inserted boiled eggs

According To Reports, This Incident Happened In The Netherlands

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This case was reported from the Netherlands when this unnamed man who is a 29-year-old guy had to undergo emergency surgery after he pushed 15 hard boiled eggs inside his rectum.

man inserted boiled eggs

The Man Was High On GHB

It is said that the man was high on GHB when he decided to insert the hard-boiled eggs up his rectum and as a result, it ended up tearing his intestines as well.

man inserted boiled eggs

He Felt Unwell

The man had no idea of what was coming his way as he suddenly started feeling unwell. He visited the hospital where doctors monitored his heartbeat to be 120 per minute. It was also noticed that he had 29 rapid breaths in a single minute. According to reports, his scans showed perforation of the pelvic colon and fluids in his abdominal cavity as well.

man inserted boiled eggs

The Eggs' Pressure Had Torn His Intestine!

The pressure of the boiled eggs in his rectum left him with a torn intestine. The health experts removed the eggs, and his intestine was sewn up after removing the eggs and rinsing the abdominal cavity. He was a lucky man to even survive after the bizarre sexual pleasure experiment that he tried.

man inserted boiled eggs

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Story first published: Friday, August 31, 2018, 16:25 [IST]
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