Do You Know That Your Birth Order Influences Your Personality?

If you are the youngest kid in the family, then you can surely be the most pampered while the middle and the eldest kids feel the love being divided among themselves.

How common is that we think that the eldest child is the most responsible one while the younger one is the naughtiest one? These similarities actually play a vital role in shaping the personality of an individual.


According to a research, it is proven that your birth order can reveal a lot about your personality.

From being the eldest child or the youngest one, each individual's personality can be influenced by the individual's birth number. Find out how...


The Firstborn Child

According to the research done on this subject, it was revealed that the eldest child in the family is known to be power-oriented and conservative in nature. This is because they often have to care for their younger brothers and sisters.


The Firstborn Child (Cont'd)

These eldest kids tend to become more nurturing and more willing to be parents too. On the other hand, they also appear to be more conservative, power-loving and goal-oriented. These individuals also have leadership qualities as well. Being a firstborn makes them want to be the first at everything.

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The Middle Child

Since the first child who is the older sibling is power-loving, the middle child is always the so-called pace-maker. The second child often finds it difficult to surpass them in almost everything that they try to do. Due to this the middle child is often seen to be very ambitious in life. With this attitude, they are often setting a higher personal goal for themselves than others.


The Middle Child (Cont'd)

On the other hand, being the middle child, the chances of being selfish are usually pretty low. And their failures are inevitable in life. Due to this, they turn out quite resilient and cope with hardships in a better way.

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The Youngest Child

Being the youngest child in the family and growing up with a lot of care and attention from the family might spoil these kids. These individuals take a lot of time to become independent as they are mostly pampered in every step of their lives. They also have the urge to surpass their siblings by becoming successful in their chosen fields.


The Youngest Child (cont'd)

On the other hand, the youngest children find a very unique ways of self-expression. Hence they are known to make great artists. Apart from this, they are also the most social individuals that one would come across, but at the same time they are known to be fickle and a bit careless. Since being the youngest one, these individuals tend to get away with everything and as a result, they tend to become manipulative.

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The Only Child

These kids get all the attention in the world from their parents and loved ones. The constant pampering can often make them more dependent on others. The amount of affection and attention that these individuals get can help them in becoming a better person.


The Only Child (Cont'd)

The single kid's lack of competition around them, makes them strive for perfection and nothing less. They are often self-centred and it is often difficult to communicate with them.

What do you think of the research, let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 17:20 [IST]
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