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Unbelievable Mysterious Stones Found On Earth

A few mysterious stones have been found around the world. While a man claimed that he saw a rock that had a plug inserted inside, a few more mysterious stones are yet to be analysed.

The history behind these stones is interesting, and there are many theories behind them which do not have an explanation still.

Check out more details about these mysterious theories that do not have an explanation still.

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Find out more about these exciting and mysterious stones that are spread across different places on earth.


The Enigmalith

This stone looks like an electrical component that is embedded in the rock. The mystery about this stone is that there is an electric plug protruding out of the rock. John J William who is an electrical engineer found this mysterious stone in the year 1998 in a secluded place where human habitat was not found. Even though John claims that he saw the rock with the plug embedded in, researchers are confused as the rock was formed 100,000 years. Also, though he has offered the stone to be inspected as he claims the electrical component was already there, he does not wish to sell it.


The Mystery Of The Betz Sphere

This man named Terry Matthew Betz was inspecting a bush-fire at his home in Fort George Island, Florida in March 1974 and found a polished metal-shaped sphere. According to the historians, the sphere had a diameter of 20.32 cm and weighed 9.97 kg. The sphere looked completely unscathed, and it was very shiny even after the fire. Few weeks after Terry found the sphere he was playing his guitar in the same room where the sphere was kept and to his amusement the ball reacted and a strange throbbing sound emitted from the ball and it deeply disturbed the family's dog who ran and hid under a table. After many types of research and studies done on the strange sphere it was discovered that Terry and his family vanished into thin air.


The Carnac-Megalithic Standing Stones

A village of Carnac in Brittany in France is a unique and mysterious place as one can see thousands of ancient menhirs and other types of megaliths (huge stones constructions) standing arranged in rows. Geo-specialists reveal that there are over 3000 of these huge boulders standing tall. Some of them even measure up to 20 feet tall and they stretch on for a total of more than four miles!

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Avebury - The World’s Largest Stone Circle

This unique stone circle is found in the English village of Avebury. The monument was constructed around 2600 BCE, and according to historians, this monument was used for some sort of ceremony or ritual. But there is no clear history of revelations about these stones.

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