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Super Blue Blood Moon Date Tips That You Can Try!

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With the super blue blood moon falling on January 31st, there are many speculations and also a lot of excitement that people have around this day, as it is a very rare phenomenon that is said to be occurring after 150 years.

For couples who are looking forward on spending this day with their partners, they need to think a lot about how they can spend their evening with their loved ones.

Super Blue Blood Moon Date Tips

From planning a romantic dinner while watching the supermoon blue moon and witnessing a lunar eclipse, you can try on some of the best tips for your perfect date for this evening, which we have suggested below. Take a look.


The Eclipse Will Last For

In India, the eclipse will last for one hour and 16 minutes, according to reports, and hence if you are from India, you need to time your dinner date accordingly.


Check For The Weather

In order to see the super blue blood moon phenomenon, ensure that you check on the weather report ahead of time for a high night-time visibility. Make sure you choose a place where the sky can be seen from all angles.

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The Place Of Your Date

If you live in a quiet, remote area and it is not too cold, then you can find a place in your backyard or a local park, or a field, to sit together. If you stay in a crowded city, then the best option would be to drive your car to an empty land or site area. Make sure you park the car in a nice place where the sky is clearly visible.

Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse : When can it be seen in India | Oneindia News

The Perfect Location

Dark skies are the stars' best friends! To get the best experience of this date, all that you need to do is go on a long drive with your loved ones. Leave your cities and large towns behind and travel towards the more rural or remote areas that are far from artificial light and excess pollution.

If you have any more ideas that one can try on this day, do let us know in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, January 29, 2018, 19:35 [IST]
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