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Real-life Stories: When A Woman Crashed Her Own Funeral!

This is a true story that happened back in 2015 and we bet this can be made into a movie script, as it's quite thrilling!

Can you imagine if your partner pays goons money to eliminate you from this world and pretend to mourn over your death, as he has some other plans?

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Well, this is a true story of a woman named Noela Rukundo, who has spent 11 years of living as a refugee in Australia, a mother of eight returned to her hometown in east Africa to attend a family member's funeral.

She got kidnapped while she was staying in a hotel and got a shock of her life when she realised that her husband had paid the kidnappers money to get her killed!

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Find out how she confronted him over her own funeral ceremony!

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She Was Attending Her Mum’s Funeral….

Noela Rukundo was staying at a hotel when she had arrived to be at her mum's funeral. This was when her (ex) husband - Kalala -- plotted to get rid of her by getting her kidnapped and killed.

Kalala Was All Keen About His Plan

He asked his wife to step out of the hotel to get fresh air, while he spoke to her over the phone. She did and suddenly noticed a weird-looking man approach her and he asked her not to scream and walk along.

“What Did You Do To This Man?”

The kidnappers took her to an isolated place and asked her. "What did you do to this man? Why has this man asked us to kill you?" While she was completely clueless about the man they spoke about, she got a shock when she realised it was her own husband's plan.

“It's Your HUSBAND!”

"It's your HUSBAND", shouted one of the kidnappers, to which she did not believe and called them liars. They told her that her husband Kalala had set this up. They even dialled his number on loud and she heard him say, "Kill her."

The Kidnappers However Released Her…

She was released by the kidnappers, as they told her that they do not kill women or children. In the mean time, they fooled her husband and extracted more money from him and Kalala ended up paying more money for her murder.

Noela Revealed Her Kidnappers Message To The World

While the kidnappers did not kill her and instead let her go, they advised her to pass on the message to the world, "Tell other women to leave their violent husbands."

He Was Told She Is Dead…

The kidnappers told him that she was dead and it took no time for her husband to start her funeral process. Their families gathered to see her for the last time and she returned to her own funeral!

He Was Shocked!

Kalala got a shock of his life when he saw her alive, next to him! He exclaimed, "Is it my eyes? Is it a ghost?!" He went ahead and even touched her shoulder to make sure he wasn't seeing things and jumped back in dismay. He even apologised to her for doing wrong.

She Confronted Him…

She confronted him as to why he wanted to kill her and he did not reveal to her about what the actual reason was. He was later sentenced to 9 years of prison for doing so.

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    Story first published: Monday, October 9, 2017, 10:42 [IST]
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