Real-life Stories: Woman Who Was Kidnapped & Raped On Her Wedding Day

Wedding day is a dream day for many. Everything around is cross-checked and the last-moment preparation is handled in the best possible way.

What happens if the bride does not turn out on the venue of the wedding day? And all the people frantically search around to find out if she was nervous or even changed her decision of not marrying at the last moment.

This is something that happened to Terry Gobanga and her story will break you into bits...


She Was Gang Raped On Her Wedding Day…

On her wedding day, when she was returning home after dropping one of her friends in the morning, she saw a man stop her car. In a fraction of second, she was pulled in the backseat of the car, where 2 other men were all ready to pounce on her. She screamed and told them, it was her wedding day, but they gagged and continued with their business until she bit the genitals of one of her rapists.

They Left Her To Die…

After raping her, she was dumped in the woods and she had a huge stab, and police thought she was dead and wrapped her half-covered body and travelled to a morgue, where on the way, she coughed and the police realised she was alive. She was shifted to the hospital and her family was informed about it. Her bridegroom was still in his wedding suit and was looking at her. The doctors informed her that she could never become a mother, as the stab wound had damaged her ovary. He still wanted to marry her...

The Rapists Were Never Caught…

After recovering physically from the wounds, her case had started where she was asked to check and identify the rapists from the criminals list. It was taking a toll on her, as she realised that she was not able to recover from what she went through. On one fine day, she went to the station and revealed that she did not wish to do the same task, as it was not helping her forget about it and hence withdrew her case.

She Tested Positive For HIV

Even after knowing Terry's state, her man told her that he wished to marry her and protect her. While they were preparing for their wedding day, they got the news that she was HIV positive and it would take 3 months time to get the proper confirmation. The couple married and in within a month's time, she lost her husband in a freak accidental death.

It Was Just A Month Into The Wedding…

Her husband's sudden death made people believe that she was an unlucky person. To some extent, she even believed that she was, as he died very soon. She was recovering from the grief for over 3 years, when her friend "Tonny" made her realise that she was already in love with him and was just sulking in life instead of moving on.

He Popped The Question…

Tonny popped the question to her and all that Terry did was cry at the alter and beg her Lord to save her husband's life. The couple were happily married and in no time, she got a miraculous surprise, as the doctors confirmed to her that she was pregnant.

Now, They Are A Happy Family…

After all the ordeal and trouble Terry had faced in life, she had finally found peace and this makes us realise that no matter what our fate brings in, we need to keep moving forward.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 23:15 [IST]
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