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Independence Day 2020: What Some Indians Do Will Keep You LOLing All Day

It is sad to think that most Indians nowadays get patriotic only on Independence Day or Republic Day and on the rest of the days, they tend to forget what their duties and responsibilities as a citizen of India are. It may not be true for all Indians though and there are some who are a good samaritan and have immense love for their motherland. On 15th August, this year, in 2020, India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day.

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This is a list of things on what Indians do on Independence Day. Some of them are totally annoying, but (some things may be totally annoying.). Read on.


Change DPs On Whatsapp And Facebook

The first step to show your commitment towards the country is by changing your profile picture with that of the national flag! This is the day you would suddenly see our national flag all over the place! We bet, most of your friends would have national flags as display pictures!


Put Patriotic Quotes And Wishes As Status!

There are those great souls who would copy and paste the most relatable quote for their day on their social media status, while there are those too who wish to keep it simple just like the one in the picture!

This Is The Black Magic Capital Of India


Watch Patriotic Movies!

Oh this day, one can watch movies that every entertainment channel would be broadcasting. And it is going to be a test of patriotism as to how you manage to watch all of them the umpteenth time and never get bored of it!


Read Stories

Most of us are seen waiting for this day to remember our golden past. The entire day the kids are told about the lives and struggles of freedom revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Sukhdev, etc. We bet, the other days the kids learn about them only in their social classes!


Feel Emotional When Patriotic Songs Are Played

Since all the music channels play songs that are about patriotism, there is a moment when you suddenly feel very emotional and shed a tear or two, which is still okay.


But What Exactly Is The Change That We're Planning To Bring In?

Apart from enjoying the mid-week holiday, do we really work towards bringing in a change to our system? Are we really working towards making our country a better place? Well, this is something we must seriously start focusing on.

Remember: "Nothing changes unless you make it change". Let's all wake up to this.

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