Science Reveals What Your Profile Picture Says About Your Personality!

What can you learn about a person by just having a glimpse of his/her social media profile picture? We tend to add the best picture as our profile picture on our social handles. But do you know that these pictures can reveal a lot about you and your personality?

Well, science has proven that your profile picture reveals a lot about your personality.

Here, we bring to you the analysis of what type of a person are you based on your profile picture.


“The Conscientiousness”

These are the set of people who use pictures that are more natural, colourful and bright in nature. The pictures express the different emotions of all the different personality types.


“The Openness”

These are the awesome pictures that belong to those who believe in being open. Generally, this trait is strongly linked with creativity. These pictures have more contrast and are generally more artistic or are unusual. If they have a profile picture of their face, which takes up more of the frame than the regular images, then it is a good sign of openness.

Choose An Image And Discover Your Hidden Personality!


“The Extraversion”

This type of personality does not need an explanation, as most of their pictures have more than one person. They are often surrounded by the others and they use colourful photos, and smile broadly in all of their pictures!


“The Neuroticism”

A simple picture with very less colour is a sign of high neuroticism. It is believed that people who are higher in neuroticism are more likely to show a blank expression or even tend to hide their faces in most of their pictures.


“The Agreeableness”

According to science, nice people are not the best photographers, as they are often seen posting relatively poor pictures of themselves. Though they post these pictures, they are probably smiling and the pictures are bright and lively.

So, what type of profile picture is yours? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Personality Defined By Deciding On The First Picture You See

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    Story first published: Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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