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    Different Animals And Their Hidden Meanings

    Do you know that seeing animals either in dreams or in real can have a hidden meaning behind it? Astrologers have revealed that a close encounter with animals is supposed to be a divine intervention at some point.

    So, we here at Boldsky are sharing some of the hidden meanings behind the appearance of these specific animals.

    While an owl is considered to be a lucky sign, find out the sighting of which animal or bird can get you into trouble.


    The Owl

    Owls are messengers of God and they have always been associated with many gods and goddesses. They are considered to be Royal Birds, and sighting them can be considered as an omen of success and also there is great news that would be coming your way.

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    Spiders are considered to be an omen for a friend who is either a friend from the past or close friend at the moment. It is believed that you will very soon meet this friend who is going to give you brand new information. Spiders are considered to be good omens and bearers of Good Luck.



    Cats are associated with powerful and Wise Goddesses. They also symbolise your hidden magical and spiritual powers. Sighting different coloured cats can have different meanings. A Black cat symbolises the change of Luck. Orange cats symbolise the different planes of existence and spiritual travels. White cats symbolise fertility and change in romantic affairs.



    Though they can bring bad news, they have the personification of truth. Seeing a crow means that truth is going to be exposed to you soon. The sight of it is the divine confirmation that you are now ready to face the truth and you will learn something really important as well.



    Seeing this is considered as a symbol Heaven. Wherein, on the other hand, you need to face the problems with grace, purity and dignity. Just the way the Deers keep their heads up when they are hunted, you need to stand up and face the problems without losing your inner beauty.

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    Lizards are considered to be extremely lucky creatures and the sight of one has a promise that their work is on the right path! So, it is believed that if lizards cross your path, then your work is probably blessed by the divine powers.

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