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The Best Girlfriends According To Zodiac Signs

People usually delve into finding one's zodiac to know more about them. Though the zodiac signs are said to predict only 20% characteristics of a person, still there are those who can relate to a lot to what their zodiac sign predicts.

We at Boldsky have jotted down the list of the best and worst girlfriends based on zodiac signs.

We bet, the list is something that you would check out of curiosity to find out where your girl stands or even to find out about where exactly you stand!

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Check out the list, as we start the list with the worst zodiac based girlfriend. The list starts from the worst to best. Read on.



Of course, as expected, Scorpians are dangerous! Beware of the Scorpio woman out of all the zodiac signs. She is the one whom one should be the most frightened of. One has to be prepared for the honesty of a Scorpion girlfriend. She is very passionate, and will show you that she loves you in a way that you would never have experienced before. But when you make a big mistake, then you can surely expect that she is going to be ruthless in bringing you down. When you are on her good side, she is the best you can get. Just remember that!


She is the second in the list of worst girlfriends to have. Insecurity plays a major role in the relationship. Even though you try to reassure her about your love for her, she would feel insecure at times. She also would get jealous easily.


A relationship with an Aries girl can be described in a single word as ‘intense'. This is because she feels everything to the core. She frequently rushes into things, so you may get intimidated in the beginning itself. If she senses the smell of being unwanted, she would be already out of the door. If she's included you into her world, she will go to extremes to have fun and make your day a better one.


These women are very fond of their freedom, which makes the relationships to have a slow growth in the beginning. She would make her move only after she realizes that you are worthy of her love. If you've won her over, she will be extremely loyal to you. Don't mess this up, you will not get a second chance.


Being pampered and cared for is something that you can expect from a Cancerian girlfriend. You can expect her to wear her heart on her sleeve all the time. You know exactly how she feels. Even though you do not wish to upset her, she tends to get upset easily over the smallest of issues. She is not very trusting, and would take a long time for you to get her trust, but just seconds to break it. Her contradicting actions may seem confusing at first, but once you get to know her better, she will do her best not to break your heart.


Leo is your sign to date, if you are big on romance. Magical and enchanting romantic affairs are the kind of relationships that you can expect from these women. Not easy to uphold, but this is everything that she wants and she will fight you for it. Leo women likely ‘project' as a partner or someone that needs to be ‘saved'.


These women are said to be perfect girlfriends. They are right there in the middle. They are very loyal and committed when it comes to relationships; but at the same time, they have a very eccentric aspect to their personality. She is very independent and a bit weird, as people do not understand her thoughts and actions. The moment that you get to know her better, you will begin to realize what she is trying to prove to you and the rest of them.


A Gemini woman is a said to have a healthy mix of positives and negatives. They have their fair share of fun and excitement times, but they will also go through a fair share of struggles. Most of the time, a Gemini woman is defined to be fun-loving, and is adventurous, and easy-going. However, they also have a dark side to them that they reveal every once in a while.


One can never go wrong with dating a Libra girl. She is known to be one of the most genuinely kind people out of all the Zodiac signs. These women tend to portray a positive spirit all the time and they also want the people around them to be happy. She has the tendency to get hurt fairly easily. She does not like having conflicts with her loved ones. If you are of a jealous type, you must know, a Libra woman tends to be very charismatic and social.


She is someone who will never come up short when it comes to putting in effort. She is always going to give her 100% dedication and commitment to any relationship. Even though she can be difficult to deal with at times, you will always end up being thankful for having her in your life. You'd know that your life would be just way worse without her in it.


Pisces girls are always shy at first, but when you know them, you would realize they are going to be worth all the patience and effort in the world. She is incredibly trustworthy and you can always rely on her to take care of your heart. She is also very sensitive and careful with both her words and actions.


She is always guarded; but the moment that you can conquer her heart, you will be one of the few special people in her life. If you manage to land a Sagittarius girl, she is on an endless pursuit to always push you to become the best version of yourself, as these women make the best girlfriend that one can have! She is a very selfless and generous human being who always places the needs of others above her own.

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    Story first published: Friday, August 11, 2017, 16:15 [IST]
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