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Signs Which Show That You Are Lucky In Life

By Subodini Menon

Most of us have cursed our existence at some point in our lives. As humans, we find it difficult to be happy with what God has blessed us with. Instead, we tend to fret, worry and regret about the things that we don't have and that we didn't do.

The truth is that if you are able to find time, peace and the luxury to read this very article, you are probably much well of than a huge percent of humans alive today.

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Even today, a huge part of the population struggles to make ends meet. There are people who deal with huge problems in their lives too.

But it is our nature as humans to be displeased with what we have and cry about what we don't have.

To prove our point, we have compiled a list of things. If you have these in your life, consider yourself to be very lucky and thank the almighty who has blessed you with all of these.


You Have A Place To Call Home

A lot of people today do not have a roof over their heads. If you have a place to live, know that you are among the lucky few. You might not own a palatial house or have a posh apartment in a high rise. You might live in a rental house or may have a house with limited space. But you must consider yourself fortunate to have at least a place that you can call home.

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You Don’t Go Hungry

You might not be among the people who go out every day and enjoy fine dining. You might not even have the luxury of consuming tasty and exotic foods. But consider yourself fortunate if you do not have to go on an empty stomach. The food you eat may not be the most delicious one but be happy that you have enough to satisfy your hunger.

You Have Pure Water To Drink

With each passing year, potable water is becoming scarcer and scarcer. In these times, if you have a good supply of safe and clean water, you are truly lucky. There are people in the world who yearn for a drop of clean water. You must know that you are lucky that you have no dearth of water in your life.

You Have People Who Love And Care For You

No matter how rich you are, if you do not have loved ones with you, your life will be miserable. Having family and friends who care for you and love you is a blessing in its own. They may nag at times and it might seem difficult to spend your life with them but without them, your life will be much harder. Having people who hold your back at times of strife is a sign that you are really lucky in life.

You Have A Helping Mentality And Own A Good Heart

It is difficult to find kind and good people in this world. The few people that wear their hearts on their sleeves end up getting cheated and heart-broken. If you are a kind and loving person, it is a grace on its own. God has blessed you with compassion and kindness. These qualities are lucky and are worth more than any kind of treasure.

You Do Not Have Bad Habits

Today, a huge proportion of the world is addicted to bad habits of various kinds. Some find themselves smoking and drinking, while the others do drugs. There are many other forms of addictions as well that eventually make the person's life a living hell.

If you have managed to keep yourself away from these bad habits, you are truly lucky.

You Are Healthy

If one gets sick, it takes a lot out of the person. Being healthy and well is a blessing too. It is popularly said that if one loses his health, he loses everything in his life, whereas, if you are healthy, you can rebuild everything that you may have lost.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 10, 2017, 21:15 [IST]
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