Shocking Things That People Have Made From Human Bodies!

Only humans can get quirky and bizarre with experimenting on certain unusual things. A survey has revealed on how well people have been using other human remains for many purposes.

Though this sounds weird, but it is revealed that some individuals have been using human remains to create some everyday items. All this is done to construct pieces of furniture, buildings, drinking glasses, and many more.

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Check on to learn about the different things that people have been making with the use of human remains!


A Church Made From Skulls!

A church named 'The Sedlec Ossuary' is considered to be one of the single most impressive churches in the entire world. This building looks normal on the outside, but when you step inside, you realise that it is entirely made of human bones! Even the chandelier hanging from the ceiling has human skulls embedded in it!

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The Jewellery

People tend to keep their milk tooth as a remembrance, while there are those who simply like to wear their teeth like jewellery and to make it more fancy, there are different designs that they have tried their hands at! One can even create jewellery such as necklaces or rings from these.

The Lyre!

This was very common during the 19th century, when the warriors used a human skull from a deceased man in South America to create a lyre. A lyre is defined as a type of stringed musical instrument. The skull is cut in half at the top, allowing for the perfect reverberations from the strings.

The Hairy Suit!

A hairy suit was made using human hair. This suit is known as 'The Apex Predator' that was designed and created by Fantich & Young. The suit does not look pleasing from any angle and the shoes that come with the suit were lined with dentures on the soles. It is quite creepy we must add!

Utensils Made From The Bones!

During the Aztec times, utensils were a bit harder to come by, so they made their own using the bones of the dead. They created knives, forks, and ladles from bones. These were not easily breakable and they lasted for a long period of time as well.

The Thigh Bone Instrument

The Kangling is a rather beautiful item at first glance. It was designed and crafted using a human thigh bone. Though this makes it a tad-bit unappealing, it was considered to be very sacred at that time.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 19:21 [IST]
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