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Her Mum Believes She Will Be The Light In The Darkness

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Everytime you think, you are unlucky, take a reality dip with some of the real-life stories of people and their struggle.

This is a story of a young girl who wishes to make it big and serve the society while she accepts the hurdles that life throws at her.

Do note: She is just 10 and we cannot ignore but just admire this little angel...

Read her story in her own words...
"My name is Chadni which means "moonlight". My mother gave me this name. She believes when I grow up I will give out light in the darkness. She always told me " maa your education will bring light to your life."

She Wishes To Be A Doctor Someday…

My father and mother both work in the rice factory as day labourers. I also work with them after I return from school. I love going to school. I love English and mathematics. I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

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I study in class three. For better results I go for a private tuition which costs 300 taka per month. I earn this money myself working at the rice mill after my school.My parents are really poor so I don't want to give them any more pressure!

She Wishes To Be A Doctor Someday…

We are from Borisal. There are no work opportunities there, so my parents came to Dhaka city 6 years ago. My parents can earn eight thousand taka per month which is not enough for our 5-member family.

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After becoming a doctor I want to give proper treatment to my elder sister Josna who cannot walk properly from childhood. I want to give free treatment to poor people. I want to give out light in the darkness! _ Chadni, 10".

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