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A Bomb Blast Survivor Who Never Played The Victim Card

When we are sad and depressed the first thing that comes to our mind is that we are the only unlucky people who are suffering in this world.

But when we learn about different people and know their stories, it would shock us as our trouble and pain seem to be nothing when we see them.

Here is such a story about a young woman who lost her arms when she was a little girl and yet she loves to cook and do her own stuff while being independent.

Check out the inspirational story of Malvika Iyer...


Her Life Changed When She Was 13 Years Old…

Malvika Iyer's life changed when she was 13 years old when she found a grenade near her home that had been lying around after an ammunition depot caught fire and she lost both her arms and injured herself greviously. She is a bi-lateral amputee and a bomb blast survivor.


The Grenade Had Blown Itself

Apparently she was fidgeting with the grenade without realising what she was handling. The grenade blew up in her hands and left her seriously injured in both her legs with multiple fractures and nerve damage. She was hospitalised for two years in Chennai which meant an array of grafting and multiple surgeries that have been quite straining.


She Changed From A Person With Disabilities To A Superhuman

Despite undergoing such traumatic experience of losing her arms, she decided to fight against her disabilities and became a superhuman instead even though her road to recovery was long and hard and she had to learn to walk again.


She Did Not Give Up On Her Studies…

Even though she had been facing a lot in her personal life, she decided to never give up on her studies. She appeared as a private candidate for the SSLC examination in Chennai where she wrote her exam with a scribe's help.


Apart From This...

She had bagged a state rank among the private candidates. She rose to fame when she was invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan by our beloved former Prez Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for all the hard work she had done. She claims that it was one of her fondest memories as well.


She Is Multi-talented…

Malvika is also known to be an international motivational speaker. She is also a disability rights activist, who has done her Ph.D. scholar in social work, a TEDx speaker and apart from all this she is also a model for accessible fashion.

She Tweeted Her Experience Of Cooking…

She had tweeted recently about how she cooked for the first time since she lost her hands and her social network was filled with emotional reactions.

Even The Masterchef Was Moved!

Since the time her tweet had garnered a lot of praise from the world over, it took no time for the renowned chef Vikas Khanna to respond. This is what he wrote to her...

We wish her good luck...

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 17:14 [IST]
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