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Woman Who Is 70 And Does Not Have Anybody In The World

We think the world around us is what life is all about. But the fact is we need to see the world from a struggler's point of view. These are the people who look at life in a totally different way and make us realise that we are just NOTHING!

This is a beautiful read, that one must read to understand what life is when you are all alone in this world and struggle to make your ends meet and yet wonder who would be there to give you a decent cremation when you die!

Check out this amazing story of a woman named Priya...

He Was Visually Impaired But It Did Not Stop Him From Achieving His Dreams

"I collect lentil and wheat from the street when they fall from the wagon going to nearby factories. Two other women who also collect in that area can collect double what I collect because they are not old like me!

I can hardly collect three to four kg lentil and wheat a day after working the whole day. Then I separate them from the dust and I sell them to a local shop. I get seven taka for each kg. I can hardly earn 30 taka a day. With this money I buy some rice and vegetables and cook for myself when I return home.

From An Army Officer To Mrs India 2017: Shalini Singh's Inspirational Story

The last 42 years I have been living alone. I sleep outside of a sweet shop with a plastic sheet which is my only home. The shop owner allows me to sleep there after they close the shop. In exchange I clean their shop sometimes without any money. I tried several times, I went to local union office for old age allowance, but nobody would help me because I am a poor old lady who has nobody in this big world. I eat one meal a day.

When it's raining I don't find lentil and wheat. The last three days I had body pain and got a fever. I could not come to gather. Nobody came looking for me! My husband died in 1973, he was a boat driver and I had one daughter. She left Bangladesh for India with her husband and never contacted with me again.

I miss my daughter and I miss seeing her face, but I cannot even remember her face! Nobody talks to me. I have nobody! I am only anxious about who will take my dead body to the graveyard." _Priya 70

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