Shoulder Shape Reveals A Lot About You

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A person's personality can be revealed in many different ways and one of the ways to analyze the personality of a person is by looking at the shape of the person's shoulders.

Shoulders play a crucial part in our body by providing the much needed stability and strength to our spine and the rest of the body. A look at it can help reveal as to how much strength a person has and how hardworking the person is in reality.

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So, check out on what the shape of your shoulders reveals about you. Read on!


When The Shoulder Is Slightly Bent!

When a person has a slightly bent shoulder, it reveals that the person has a slight introvert personality and they also refrain themselves from social life. These guys tend to prefer using more of their brain and less of their body. They start struggling with their health when they reach 40 years and they seldom have closed friends to share life with. Few of them are often driven to depression and psychological problems as well.


When The Shoulders Are Bent Heavily

According to the belief, this posture is not only dangerous for health, but for fate as well! People whose shoulders are bent this way face a lot of issues in maintaining relations. They also struggle in keeping their closed ones together. Despite being highly intelligent, they consistently struggle in their professional life.


When The Shoulders Bend And The Neck Is Sticking Out

People whose shoulders are of this shape often drag their feet while walking, which is a grave sign. They face tough time in almost every sphere of their life and their patience is always twisted to the edge.

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When The Shoulders Are Raised

When a person has these kinds of shoulders, they walk straight with their abdomen area sucked in. These guys have a delayed marriage, marital discord, and may face a job loss as well. Their struggle becomes even more aggressive when they don't learn to downplay their ego.


Relaxed Shoulders

People who have this shape are well-balanced and they have a sorted life. These guys know how and when to control their emotions. They are known to work hard to maintain the balance between their professional and personal lives. Success reaches them around the age of 36.


When The Shoulders Are Relaxed With Twisted Muscles

People who have this shape are believed to face problems due to poor 'Shani'. They would face many health issues like they have a risk of having spine, heart, or blood-related ailments and these issues force them to take a back seat in both their career and personal life.


When The Shoulders Are Stretched Outward

People whose shoulders are shaped this way are said to be overly emotional and are said to be impulsive decision makers, which at times results in regret. They also avoid getting deeply involved in both their professional and personal lives.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 10:05 [IST]
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