Myths About Washing Your Hair On A Particular Day, As Per Hinduism

With so many myths around us, we wonder if we must really believe in these or not. However, there are some people who do believe in most myths and do strictly follow them.

Amidst so many myths, there is a particular belief that hair must not be washed on particular days.

hair wash myths

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This is something that is followed in almost every household in India, where washing hair or going in for a haircut on certain days is considered to be inauspicious or even a bad omen!

Here is a list of what people believe in about washing the hair on particular days of the week.

Washing Hair On A Tuesday

Washing hair or even getting a haircut is prohibited on Tuesdays. This condition is strictly followed for those who are affected by Mars (Mangal). So, to avoid the effects of heavy Mangal, people are told not to wash their hair on Tuesdays.

Washing Hair On A Wednesday

It is believed that when a woman who has given birth to a single baby boy should never wash her hair on Wednesdays, as per Hinduism. According to the Puranas, the health of the child is said to get affected. On the contrary side, it is also believed that newly married women should wash their hair on Wednesdays to get a baby boy!

Washing Hair On A Thursday

According to the Puranas, washing your hair on Thursdays is believed to take Goddess Lakshmi away from your home and the person can get into financial troubles as well. Even washing clothes is considered to be inauspicious on Thursdays.

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Washing Hair On A Saturday

In Hinduism, some believe that washing the hair on Saturdays is considered to be good, as it helps bring down the effects of Sade Sati. On the contradictory side, there are many who think that washing hair on a Saturday can cause Shani Dev to be angry.

What to believe and what not to? Well, that's still a big question that's unanswered! What's you take? Let us know.

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